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Prague's oldest mare gave birth in Mongolia its tenth foal

The legendary mare Zeta, which was in the first group of Przewalski horses transported from the Czech Republic to Mongolia, April 22 brought the world's tenth foal. Prague Zoo's director told the specially protected areas Gobi B Ganbaatar Oyunsaikhana. A day after the Zeta celebrated its twenty-first birthday.

It was the first foal born in the Gobi B. It's filly and it's almost unbelievable that his mother was Zeta, who was born first foal on breeding and acclimatization station in Lower Dobřejov exactly twenty-one years ago. It's great news that so carries the same time a profound symbolism.

Mare From (in Mongolian Star or bright, original Czech name Zeta) is the best proof of the success return once extinct Przewalski horses to Mongolia. This ten-fold mother, and today certainly multiple grandmother, was in the first group of horses transported from the Prague zoo to Mongolia in 1998. As one of the two horses also survived the harsh winter of 2010, while the rest of the herd died tragically.

Przewalski horse (the last type of wild horses in general) is known to the world since 1881. About a hundred years later, at the turn of the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, but was wiped out in the wild. He survived only in the care of zoos. Exceptional merit in maintaining the Przewalski horse has just Zoo Praha, which keeps the Przewalski horse continuously for ninety years, and since 1959, leading a worldwide stud book of this kind.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Author: Hana Szotkowská
Photo: Ganbaatar Oyunsaikhana

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