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How to regulate sunlight and energy consumption with exterior blinds

How to regulate sunlight and energy consumption with exterior blinds Not only in summer but also in spring sun heats profusely interiors of apartments, houses and offices. Although most of us use sunlight outdoors, in some cases we may properly annoyance life. In addition, the sun heats the interior significantly, can dazzle us also at work, reading a book or watching TV. What options can be used to make the interior of the sun's rays received only by your imagination?

The adverse effects of the sun can be found in many places. When working at a computer screen in which relies sunlight unnecessarily wearied eyes. It is similar while watching TV or reading a book in the study. Problems can arise even in rooms where servers are placed with cooling, refrigerators or freezers. These appliances are going to a higher power, and thus require more expensive energy. Excessive sunlight indoors seek or families with small children. They usually sleep during the day and the sun does not allow them a peaceful rest. Although the living room or the bedroom maintain a comfortable temperature using the air conditioner if the sun is shining in the windows fully, the cost of tempering grow strongly. Some components of sunlight also have an adverse impact on the furniture or interior. The fabric may be so-called vyšisovat, colorless coatings degrade, both natural and artificial materials change their structure and color.

Do not allow the sun before the window

Although the sun is a welcome companion in every home, all too bad. And this statement is true of the sun's rays in particular. This is why sun lovers looking for a suitable solution. It basically consists in the aperture in front of or behind the glass for windows. "The most effective option to show the systems that are installed outside the house because they eliminate exposure to the sun as you enter the building," said Lubomir Valenta, marketing manager offering a range of shielding technology. "In particular materials covering windows with a reflecting coating, a portion of solar radiation with thermal component returns to the environment," said Valenta.

Think installation method

Popular and effective blinds is currently one exterior shutters or blinds. In the first case, we can choose between blinds, which are fitted externally, or the construction of a new house. This selection then determines whether the cabinet with the wound fins and drive remains hidden, for example, after zaomítnutí, presents under or within the pull-down translation, or whether it is so-called confession. Boxes drive yet are entangled in versions for retrofitting. Therefore, no need to worry about formation unfortunate phenomena such may be thermal bridges.

Blinds operate remotely

For big hit can be regarded installing shutters with electric drive and their connection to the central system. This way we can select the exact time when the blinds are only partly retract. In addition, more sophisticated systems can also react to sunlight. The slats are filled inside the insulator, such as polyurethane, which further improves the insulation function. When installed wind sensor can drag and shutters in response to the approaching storm or strong wind. Installation of roller shutters so we can at today's energy prices significantly reduce energy costs and conserve household budget. Blinds also contribute to soundproofing the room and window protection not only against adverse weather conditions, but also from general wear.

Regulate the penetration of the sun through blinds

In addition to the blinds are an efficient shielding element also outdoor blinds. These allow continuous regulation of natural lighting in the house while helping maintain a comfortable climate even during very sunny days. Modern outdoor blinds can be installed on new buildings, which become part of the building envelope or later. Setting the correct level of blinds does not require manual control, while increasing use of electric drives. But it is not only the comfort of use. "Outdoor blinds equipped with sensors reacting to the sun and weather conditions will also help to reduce the cost of cooling and heating the building," said Lubomir Valenta. "Thanks windy sensor shutters are also protected from damage. If a strong wind blows too, blinds automatically retracts, "said Valenta.

Shading is not the only

Although it may seem at first glance that the external blinds are used solely for shading, have several other functions. While in the summer, providing an insulating function in winter adds insulation opposite effect. Furthermore, given that modern windows are still the weakest link in building construction, and blinds reduce heat leaks especially at night. People living near busy roads, railways or even restaurants and bars also appreciate the fact that the shading technology contributes to interior noise from external audio effects. For additional benefit can be considered to ensure privacy and reduce the risk of vandalism or crime. Blinds constitute an effective barrier to thieves. If you are going on vacation, you will program the auto pull the trigger and pull-down system, no one would have suspected that the house is not empty.

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