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Jaroslav Svěcený (not only) about Vivaldianu

Happy, enthusiastic, and after all the wonderful audience in the packed hall, with whom you can establish direct contact - is the best time Jaroslav Svěcený concert ..

Preparing new Vivaldianno. What people can enjoy this time?
The project has moved into international waters, where in addition to domestic concerts also directed. His name is Vivaldiano - a city of mirrors has their story, modern design, visual and foreign soloists face-American cellist Tina Guo and Chinese violinist Li Chuan Yun, who helped us to receive and June, Czech-Slovak tour (4.Bratislava, 6.Ostrava, 8.Brno, 10.Praha, 11.Plzeň)

How long such event prepared? What does it all for you involve?

On the organizational aspects of the works for several months and I in this matter, I give holt Michal Dvořák, because that is an incredible amount of work !!! I combine work on this project with festivals and international tours, so it's really ,, mazec "!

Such a project will certainly picks up a lot of energy. There was ever a moment when you wanted everything behind you?

Conversely. In today's somewhat chaotic ,, human "time, it is a form of therapy that you are being charged.

As you after such a long time to understand Michal Dvorak?

Michal is extremely hardworking man who grew up in the world, while other musical genre, but maybe that is why we still have something to say. It's a creative person and a great musician.

"Bullshit" into each other's work? Can you even quarrel?

Without that, it does not do! It's not about the chemistry of human relationships: work-work. Maybe that's why our paths intersect since 2004.

What is your best moment of every concert?

Happy, enthusiastic, and after all the wonderful audience in the packed hall, with whom you can establish direct contact! For me, the basic engine of my playing the violin.

What other except Vivaldianno work?

Apart from trips abroad (South America, USA, Germany, Austro-Ra ...) me this year a lot of work at music festivals Smiřická music festivals, Kocian Ústí, Klášterecké musical sources or tones Chodovská fortress. In addition, I am from February to October a series of six evening concerts called insider Klementinum Mirror Chapel and waits for me also performing in charming Prague Crossroads, on which was also very happy. December 8 to celebrate the gala evening in Smetana Hall in Prague's polokulatiny.

Violin virtuoso must still exercise regularly?

Of course! But also to manage a lot of organizational and mentally creative work around! It's a long haul with triple-time.

What you own dearest, dearest to your heart or violin?

In addition to the concert, I also sworn expert in obo-ru stringed musical instruments, so I have a chance to even the zahra- destroys lend famous rare instruments. I played against has 15 violins Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri 5 tools and other famous masters of the Italian school. However, I am also a patriot Czech violin making, and so bear CD, DVD and publications, where it represents the art of our masters from the 18th century to the present day!

Just because you're also an expert violin, I wonder what instrument you the most sticks in my memory?

The Czech Tomas certainly charming violin Andrew Hulínzkého of 1774, which was once owned by Prince Rohan to lock Sych-ROV, the famous Italian violin brothers Amati of 1690.Ale in memory of them I saved about 1,500 similar quality.

Thanks to his art have traveled the world. How different is the audience in different countries?

It's about how people come into the hall like atmosphere along with artists create. Once again it is she famous interpersonal chemistry. It is true that I played even in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Jordan ... but it was always about a place and a concert.

Can you think of some adventurous story of the ways?

Those were a lot-from flat tire at high speed to the renegade violin neck just before the concert. The topic for a separate article.

In the last year have significantly lost weight. What was behind it?

Health reasons and a kind of prevention in the future. Already me, unfortunately, not thirty.

Must have a violin virtuoso patient's wife? Ever tells you that you need to finally washing his car instead of playing or replace a light bulb?
Yes - I have it. Monica are together for over 30 years and she has to co-exist with me on the head certainly halo. Apropo, that I'm not home often, so changing light bulbs 99% of her. Auto can manage myself, I confess that more safe, because every year you drive about 60,000 km.

Your daughter Julie is also a violinist. You forced her into a small violin?
Julie plays with me at concerts since the age of ten. We get together regularly at home and abroad, last fall we had already second joint US tour. She is currently studying in London, has had its own recitalist and orchestral concert opportunities. I never had to force her, while there were moments when I thought that it divests itself, but did not.

What he has achieved success?

The child domestic competitions won everything, including two laureate titles of the International Concertina Praga and Telemann Competition in Poznan, Poland. With its current pa-nem Professor Rodney Friend has other plans in the near future - that I will no longer watch only from afar.

What is it like to play with her ​​on stage?

At the beginning it was the stress and responsibility, today's joy and pride.

What do you do when you have a weak moment? Picks up the violin?



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