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Cirk La Putyka opens Jatka78

File circus Cirk La Putyka opens to the public on April 14 after the winter break multifunctional spaces Jatka78 in Prague Holešovické marketplace. The time from the end of trial operation in December 2014 was completed renovation and improvement of facilities for spectators and performers in both halls 7 and 8. Yield dedicated crowd funding platform campaign website already ten days before the end of the record exceeded the target amount of CZK 2,000,000 ..

Jatka78 open premiere shards and sandwiches residential group directed by Jan 11:55 Mikuláška, who is also the author of the play.

The program also shows, for example, a retrospective of four performances overhead SKUTR as a celebration of eleven years of coexistence single evening Mass for the souls II models Circus La Putyka and foreign guests, and then also all the performances of domestic file that is still played in the La Fabrika. Jatka78 so from April 14 to become the only domestic scene in Prague Circus La Putyka.

"Thank you to all supporters and supporters for helping us to choose much more than our target amount. It gives us a huge commitment to both the space itself and the program prepared the best, "says the introduction to the principal Circus La Putyka Rosťa Smith." We also thank La Fabrica, where we have until now played and which premiered most of our performances . Now have their own home stage with all the trimmings is a great pleasure, but also a challenge, "he adds.

11:55 file, which premiered shards and sandwiches 14th April Jatek78 starts operation, consists of young and talented actors of the youngest generation, who collaborate with prominent directors. This time he teamed up with director Jan Mikulášek, who is also the author of the play. "Broken glass is clean, the bruises were covered yesterday's make-up, wine is cooled, the feast can begin again. Like yesterday, just like yesterday. Eight people come every day to the agreed party. Eight people, eight of perspectives. If this should happen, but one thing is certain - tomorrow will be celebrated again. Proslav with life! "Says annotation performance.

17 and 18 April to celebrate Jatkách78 eleven years of co-existence overhead SKUTR - Martin Kukučka and Luke Trpišovský. During the festival, 10 + 1 years for scooters viewers see the original production storm, which premiered just this Holešovice area, a small death, Women and Men, created in collaboration with director Adela Lastovková barn.
The program will complement tale for children, workshop Joseph Rosen, concert Fekete Seretlek open hours or scooter.

In the second half of April, there will be a benefit performance file Dejvického Theatre, Theatre on the Balustrade and Usti Činoheráku. "It's a rare event that an established theater scene and leave their play to support the creation of another theater," says director Stephen Jatek78 Kubišta. Dejvické theater will take place April 28 at Holesovice market award-winning production Ucpanej system. Theatre on the Balustrade present April 20 equally successful game Correspondence V + W. Ústečtí theater Jatka78 April 22 to kick his most famous performances last time - Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk novel that gave Činoheráku Ústí as a single file in the world right dramatization of the book.

In addition to these three drama productions here April 24 will be another Mass for the soul - a festive evening under the direction of principal Circus La Putyka Rosti Novak and members of his group. This time on stage meet Czech and European stars of the new circus. After the show, the band will perform Insert cat.

Within the next program in the area Jatka78 concerts include Brothers in T-shirts, Theatre VOSTO5 and 420PEOPLE to Please The Trees. And of course do not miss any permanent performance Circus La Putyka - Play, Airground, Slapstick Sonata, Up End Down, Risk and La Putyka.

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