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Ángel Muñoz on the wings of passionate flamenco in Prague

Fascinating unprecedented explosion of temperament. So it is described dance productions Ángel Muñoz, one of the most important contemporary flamenco dancers. This native of Andalusia Córdoba show the connection of energy and passion of flamenco April 16 at the theater Divadlo ABC.

Music-dance project Ángel, del Blanco Negro al / Angel between black and white will bring compelling physical connection of love and hate, pressures violent emotions, beating the devil's staccato peaks bot or captured snap of the fingers, angelically gentle gestures and movements thrilling moments before almost stationary body.

Minimalist design, using lights sparingly and contrast two basic colors of the title of the project will allow the audience to concentrate solely on the experience of dance, rhythm and music. This innovative and fascinating way joints clean Andalusian flamenco tradition with contemporary means of expression of the music world.

For his solo project Angel Muñoz, a frequent collaborator of legendary guitarists Paco Peni and Victor Monge-called 'Serranito' or dancer and choreographer María Pagés, chose a theme that resonates with his name. The angel between black and white is a performance that impresses angel theme - man, the bearer of the message, and the fallen guardian angel. Is an unforgettable encounter with temperament that is capable of tight ropes passion and emotion-charged dance and music to expose a bridge between past and present, depth and fast current, black and white side of the search for love and meaning in life.

In the report, Angel's music and stage co-located next to two outstanding cantaores (flamenco singers), guitarist and percussionist also playing the saxophone, clarinet, flute and harmonica and creator of electronic music.
Video invitation is available here .

Muñozův Angel, del Blanco Negro al will be presented at the theater Divadlo ABC April 16th from 20 hours.

Interview Ángel Muñoz

1) What led you to dance or flamenco?
The flamenco tradition brought me, which is found everywhere in Andalusia, without you even realizing it. My parents are also passionate flamenco fans, regularly attended concerts and festivals, and we always took with him. Flamenco is gradually taking root in me so much that they never go away from me. And I would not let him.

2) track the development of flamenco? What do you think the last 20 years has changed?

Of course, watching him, but in reality it is we who are developing and trying to cross new frontiers and new. Flamenco serves as a passport, even if it is and will remain the flamenco. The only difference is in how we work with him.

3) What is different from the current flamenco films C. Saura (Carmen, El Amor Brujo, Bodas de Sangre), which are well known in the Czech Republic and for a large part of the population represent a synonym?

Saurovo processing was and always will be completely different than anything else. For myself I see that my submission flamenco in many ways lacks veracity - fortunately not quite everything.

4) you have incorporated into the performance Ángel, del Blanco Negro al other dance elements or have viewers expect "traditional" flamenco?

In his presentation nepředvádím different dance styles. Different, however, is the concept of each part. But more than ever I especially me who personifies traditional flamenco as such, with reference to the masters who appear in Saura (eg. Antonio Gades, the Manolete, guit). All its parts are connected by the fact that in every second you spend on stage, I put his whole soul.

5) Why have you decided to dance a solo project?

It was a proposal to my manager and I thought, why not try it. I always am dancing in pairs or in a group with very good dancers. It was a challenge and an opportunity to express all forms that dance feel.

6) What can solo performance gives freedom, and what limits you?

Gives me all the freedom, no restrictions.

7) What is the current Spanish flamenco?

For me it still means the same as in my early days. Something like a handkerchief in which I wiped my tears, backyard, where I played, where I alone thinking ... flamenco means to me life itself, which of course includes my wife and daughters. Thanks to them flamenco feel, as we feel and the more you use it often.

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