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Passive smoking at home is exposed to 23% of Czechs have a negative influence not only on children&#

Smokers in our country is still unabated. According to statistics from the National Health Institute smoked last year, 29.9% of Czechs. Almost a quarter of them indulge their habit every day and more than 58% of smokers consumed every day at least half a pack of cigarettes. Up to 23% of Czechs in their homes exposed to secondhand smoke, half of them are non-smokers.

In comparison with the statistics of the past 10 years, although there is a decreasing number of smokers, but it is a very slight and statistically insignificant trend. Especially after the winter, when it can be weakened human immunity and other factors, it is necessary to remember that both active and passive smoking is very harmful consequences for immunity.

The greatest burden then fight the smallest body. Children of smokers are more at risk than children from families with the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Unless you are a cigarette resist and expose their children to secondhand smoke, we bring you tips on how to at least partially support not only their immunity.

For each cigarette a piece of fruit

For smokers, whether active or passive, is crucial sufficient intake of antioxidants. These are substances that fight free oxygen radicals, which are formed during smoking. Among the antioxidants include, for example vitamin C. That people should receive exposure to cigarette smoke for 60 to 100% more than the others. Although this advice can be taken for granted, European studies show that Czechs are still lagging behind in the consumption of uncooked vegetables and fruit behind the European average.

If your child is not exactly a fan of apples, pears and imported exotic fruits, shift into his diet fruit and vegetable juices. "Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of a diverse range of vitamins. Central European conditions are in vitamins, especially vitamin C, especially rich berries, ie black or red currants or blueberries, cranberries, gooseberries. From then vegetables brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and carrots, of course, "explains Klara Minczinger from the company Generica." If your child has problems receiving this diet, diet shift to more potatoes and garlic and reduce egg pasta. Supervise that your child ate at least one piece of fruit and vegetables a day. Helping him to cope with the effects of passive smoking, "says Minczinger.

Two kilos of sea buckthorn on year

The ideal source of vitamins is a tea made from the hip or sea buckthorn. Total hip 200 g contains about 200 mg of vitamin C. The advantage is that in our briar industrially grown, its consumption of free covers occurrence in nature. In addition, it is possible pot of tea and rosehip jam or compote. To arrows deprived of active substances and dried in thin layers first in air and it is possible to finish drying artificially heat to 50 degrees. In addition to vitamin C rosehips contain tannins, invert sugar, sucrose, pectin, citric acid and malic acid, B vitamins, carotene, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other important substances. An alternative to hip is Sea Buckthorn. Two kilograms of dried sea buckthorn would cover the annual requirement of vitamin C as an adult. Teas from hip and sea buckthorn also have beneficial effects on asthma, which is based on a study of the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno common disease in children exposed to passive smoking at the age of up to 5 years.

Before birth smokes every sixteenth, threatening disorders child's behavior

Among other substances that help fight free radicals, also include the zinc and vitamins E and A. The more cigarettes you smoke, the greater should be for your children and you supply of vitamins. "Not only for smokers but also for pregnant women women is important enough selenium intake. Its deficiency may result in behavioral disturbances of a child. According to a ten-year research conducted by the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno a cigarette before birth forgive 6.7% of expectant mothers. However, smoking greatly increases the demands on selenium intake, since it is consumed in combating free radicals. This is another important argument why pregnant women in any case not smoke, "warns Klára Minczinger.

Overdose is risky. Even in the case of healthy things

Although it is very appropriate to accept any of the vitamins and elements in the most natural form, there may arise some risks. If food is not possible to accurately determine the content of these substances. It may happen that the amount overrate or vice versa underestimate.
"In terms of the exact track of the daily intake of vitamins and minerals is easiest to reach for food supplements. They are clearly the content of all substances. In their introduction to children is a good idea to consult with a pharmacist. However, there are vitamin products designed specifically for the smallest. These include vitamin C in the form of drops which can be stored outside the refrigerator. They contain sweeteners, preservatives or artificial colors. Children are also popular chewable tablets containing zinc and vitamin C, which are orange flavor and look like sweets, "concludes
Minczinger. Thus, although there are different ways to supplement the nutrients, most major route for Health is the proper lifestyle and good habits.

Before your child is exposed to cigarette smoke next time, keep in mind that passive smoking causes many diseases, especially respiratory and growth, which may bother your child in the long term.

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