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Jaro little differently: rare turtles in Trinidad and van Gogh for tulips

Jaro little differently: rare turtles in Trinidad and van Gogh for tulips Although holiday in the spring with us has such a great tradition for some destination is the most ideal time to visit. In many tropical countries rainy season and the dry season is still far away, so we are waiting for pleasant temperatures and nature in bloom.

However, if you do not have time or chance to go somewhere else, go for the nearby metropolis. She is also in bloom and the awakening of Europe has something to himself. Where then flee in the coming weeks before spring fatigue and where to draw the energy for the summer?

Observation of rare turtles in Trinidad

If you love nature and holidays in distant lands you would like to join with something unconventional, then the spring head to Trinidad. This island in the Caribbean Sea is the habitat of leatherback turtle, the largest living sea turtles in the world, which is among the critically endangered species. From March to June, you can just see these Trinidad turtles and more than four hundred in one night. Interestingly, however, is that it is found only on the beach Grande Rivière. During the day you can on this Caribbean island to watch over more than six hundred different species of butterflies or at four hundred and fifty kinds of birds. Forget, however, can not even delicious cuisine and famous local rum. "If Sunday will occur in the northern part of the island, you can see another peculiarity of Trinidad, and the so-called river lime, which is a picnic area in which local tables and chairs placed near water or directly into it. You may so happen that when an invitation to lunch or to a local rum enough to get wet, "highlights the unusual habits Michal Tuma (Invia).

Unforgettable Easter in Spain

If you already have enough to dye eggs, baking lambs and unannounced visits, celebrate Easter this year otherwise. Go to Spain to spend Semana Santa, or Holy Week. Atmosphere Spanish cities with an evening procession of penitents dressed in a hood with a lighted candle in hand, marching to the sound of muffled drumbeats will take you back to the Middle Ages and you will certainly have a long memorable.

If you prefer a more cheerful celebrations, then you better choose a more relaxed Seville Spring Festival. Two weeks after the Holy Week scented streets of Seville orange blossom and jasmine in the southwest part of the city that comes alive with parades locals in traditional colorful dress, having a drink and a meal and evening entertainments ending until well after midnight. In one place so you can experience the best of what Spain has to offer.

If you go to the south of Spain with kids, definitely do not forget to visit before you leave home for donkeys in Nerja, where children can feed themselves selected donkey, or pat him on the ride. In addition, there is also horses, pigs, goats and dogs, so be prepared that their offspring away at the end of the day you will hardly receive.

Behold van Gogh in a thousand tulips

If you have long been considering a trip to Amsterdam, there is no better option than to go right here in the spring. During this period, visitors made available to the most beautiful spring garden in the world on behalf of Keukenhof. It opened on 20 March. Since the city is located 40 minutes by bus. In addition, the 2015 year in these gardens of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. His portrait, or Selfie as exhibition, entitled to be reflected in the flower stands and portray his appearance in thousands of tulips. Organizers of the exhibition, however, does not forget the children's activities. You will be able to participate in a treasure hunt, run through a maze or visit the children's farm. If you are interested in a more thorough examination of Amsterdam itself, you can use the services of Amsterdam Canal Bus, which provides a cruise around the city.

Spring romance blossoming cherry trees under

Spring is in love, and if you want to wait until May to kiss under the cherry tree from darling, go in April in Osaka, Japan. In the gardens of Osaka castle is for more than four thousand blooming sakura, or cherry. "Presumably even meet a variety of local, because the flowering season sweet cherries in Japan even has its own holiday, Hanami, whose purpose is to enjoy the sight of cherry trees laden with flowers. At the same time, however, this holiday reminder that no beauty does not last forever, "says Michal Tuma. When sufficiently enjoyed the view on the cherry blossoms, do not forget to visit Shitennoji - the first Buddhist temple built in Japan - and in bad weather do not miss onsen, which are Japanese baths built at the hot springs.

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