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Dogs, cats and uninformed people this year unnecessarily endanger small bunnies

The rescue station will again have to take care of many little bunnies. Chicks by them to the stations receive most healthy people is often brought a dog or cat. Sometimes, though, a young hare collected by the people themselves.

This year's first baby hare brought to their owners in Libčice dog already on 12th of January. Just bring your dog or cat is the most common reason why the little rabbits get to the station. Their future is in spite of the care Rescue Station uncertain, despite all efforts, a large percentage of small bunnies various reasons i care professionals die. Hereat have a dog under supervision, preferably on a leash.

Bunny in nature but sometimes collected themselves and ignorant people. It is my view that was abandoned, or in the wrong place. "The first argument is a 90% percent baseless, mother to babies returns once a day and once again leaving, it is therefore unlikely to be encountered by their children," says animal rights . Whether you chose for laying female pups suitable place, according to them, of course, debatable. "It is not unusual that young bunnies appear in the middle settlement, or in the city center. The risk, which represents around hare is high, but the female selected location nobody nerozmluví and cubs with her ​​very often lead to export even in such a locality, "they added.

Until recently published the fact that if a person touches young mammals, the mother does not take it no longer, and it is dependent on human care, he was, according to staff stations, many observations refuted. "On a busy area mother Zaječice smell too orientated and cub, which someone touched usually do not reject. In the wild, can not count on it, "he says. The rule that if you encounter young, do not to touch him and leave the place as quickly as possible, according to them, it is good to continue to follow.

National network of rescue stations and associates 30 subjects per year into their care gets over 15,000 animals. Juveniles accounted for around a third of the admitted patients.


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