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U can build yourself builders law leaves some discretion

Build yourself lately becoming more widespread way of building houses. Just last year, a self-built house until 5000 Czechs. Demand for building houses without the participation of a construction company or developer and grew by 30%.

Although you can build yourself builders leaves more freedom with certain conditions in the Czech construction must comply with the law.

At present, there are more and more Czechs who build houses themselves. The main motive of self-construction is mainly due to lower cost of the whole building. "While no land comes one square meter house built yourself for about 7 to 12,000 crowns for developers, it is usually up to three times more. Two hundred feet of living space while you can build yourself up to two million, "said Pavel Tesárek, director of the Svépomocí.cz, which brings together people interested individual construction on the Czech market." According to surveys, representing more than half of builders secondary educated men aged 25 to 44 years. Often, however, not a skilled craftsman, but the people holding office professionals who work practices taught especially on the Internet. Most self-help construction is then created in the Central and South Region, "said Tesárek that although the specter of savings for many tempting, experts recommend that you consult with expert professionals, work or leave experienced craftsmen.

High proficiency in particular requires working with modern materials and components. These include mostly carpentry, plumbing or electrical. Professional installation also applies, for example, installation of windows, doors and garage doors. "Whereas before you could install a new garage door almost everyone without any expertise, but now it does not. Modern garage doors are enriched with a new technology such as automation with remote control, so they must be installed by specialists, "said Lubomir Valenta from the company Lomax. Now Improper installation may result in permanent damage to products or materials, manufacturers therefore makes full guarantee professional installation. "Although it is currently applied to the ten-year warranty on the garage door if it has taken place professional installation contractor warranty may no longer be guaranteed in full," said Valenta.

In the Czech Building Act, while not self not defined, but is characterized by certain specifics. A client who decides to build your own, is obliged to provide construction supervision and construction office to tell him that the person will perform. Supervision can perform while anyone who a university building or architectural education, or vocational secondary education and three more years of experience.

"In the case of building a house by yourself builder is also obliged to provide construction management authorized person, who then is responsible for the execution of works under the project documentation and generally applicable regulations, but also for safety. From the perspective of control is advantageous for the builder when it comes to two people, both roles but can provide one person with authorization, "said architect Vít Janků. For buildings that require authorization or notification, it is necessary that the documentation prepared by an authorized person. "In the preparation of the construction project must always correspond to the authorized person of the particular field. On site is also important coordinating role for all occupations with the design, engineering, and architectural aspect of the work, which led to the wrong building has never fails, "concludes Janků.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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