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Wet or dry - how wounds heal better?

Do you think Cuts rather than moist environment needs to "breathe"? You're wrong - many studies have shown that air dries wounds and dry environments, then everything heals more and more difficult.

When you blow dry, creating a scab on it. Its mission is to protect our body from impurities from the environment. But it also prevents the formation of new tissue.
Just as failing grass grow under stones, we are not even new cells underneath the scab.

Why not say gauze dressings

Gauze bandages, which we normally use, not exactly ideal properties. Create is dry and then dried the wounds heal more, more and more it hurts creates scar. Why is this so?
Gauze bandages adversely interfere with the healing process, because the cells of our body to grow they need moisture. In dry environments, thus grow slower and harder.
Because gauze dressings absorb exudate from wounds, they must be changed frequently. It also tends to blow přisychat, which then causes it hurts removing dressings and also destroy the newly formed tissue.
Use bandages increases the risk of infection - and healing infected wounds is considerably more difficult.

Advantages of moist wound

As early as 1962, researchers found that wounds heal better in a humid environment. What are its advantages?
Wounds heal by 50% faster.
The risk that enters into the wound infection is lower.
Removing the old bandages hurt and does not harm the newly formed tissue.
The wound scar less, and thus after healing and better looks.

How to keep the wound moist

There are several ways to wound, but even minor scratches to create the right environment moist. The cheapest is the use of petrolatum based ointment. Some also contain antibiotics, so help manage the inflamed wound, but long-term use can not be due to side effects recommended. Appropriate way to achieve that wound healed in a humid environment, the so-called hydrogel and hydrocolloid dressing. In addition, some days it do not change.

How then wound healing in the best way? Find your suitable moist wound dressing - selection will depend on the depth of the wound, its secretion and the healing phase. The whole process can also support a variety of vitamins in the form of supplements, because the overall state of health has healing effect.

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