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Are you planning to partner child? Disable him pork and notebook on your lap

Question male fertility is still pertinent. It is reported that currently has the problem with the quality of sperm to about 40% of the world male population. Gentlemen, however, often do not realize that the quality of sperm by their behavior largely negatively affect themselves. They drink too much alcohol, poor diet grown or working with a laptop on her lap.

In this article, we introduce fundamental errors affecting fertility, which men knowingly commits. At the same time advise how to remove the damage done.

Error no. 1: meats and red meat

Excessive consumption of sausages, pork or beef sausages or even the quality of the sperm of men considerably signed. These foods in itself does have a higher content of chemicals and pesticides, which negatively affects male hormones. Food preparation of these materials is often associated with copies, the fat that also fit sperm penetration. Positively contrary, operates fish consumption, increased intake of fruits and vegetables, legumes and grains. Keep an eye on the men also had adequate intake of zinc and selenium. "These are for male fertility is very important. Selenium contributes to the normal spermatogenesis, thus creating male gametes, which is crucial for fertility. Spermatogenesis is of course also influenced by sex hormones, particularly testosterone. Therefore, men should consume as well as zinc, which helps maintain normal levels of this hormone. Zinc also acts positively also to reproduce itself, "explains Peter Galle effects of substances from the company VEGALL Pharma. It is also significant intake of vitamin C and B.

Error no. 2: Hot baths and a notebook on her lap

Fundamentally sperm quality and its associated high temperature affects fertility. Male reproductive cells should ideally be about two to three degrees lower temperature than the temperature of the human body. It is for this reason testicles are located outside. A hot laptop on your lap or lying belly but can cause sperm to increase the temperature of 3 degrees. In addition, Notebook, as well as a mobile phone in a pocket, transmits radio frequency radiation that sperm quality and penetration. The appropriate way to not sign fertility or frequent hot baths, heated seats or regular visits to the sauna. Positive information, however, is the possibility of redress. If they men after a certain period to avoid these negative effects, the quality and the density of sperm should gradually improve again.

Error no. 3: Alcohol and cigarettes

Drinking alcohol in excessive amounts, frequent smoking and even drug use has on the health of sperm motility and of course a very negative influence. Consumption of alcoholic beverages causes the extinction of the male reproductive cells, reducing their viability and can also cause disruption of many important contacts between the brain and sex organs. Nicotine contained in cigarettes turn causes flooding so called catecholamines, which causes constriction of blood vessels and reduction of blood flow to the erectile bodies. Long-term smoking because often causes complete impotence. According to Argentine experts can then alcohol in association with cigarettes male fertility even completely destroy. Pernicious influence of both negative factors in this case is still connects and multiplied. The only advice in this case is the maximum limit intake of alcohol and nicotine into the body. To determine the damage done by men can get to develop your sperm count, which detects pH, sperm concentration, their total number, motility and vitality needed.

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