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Life after cancer: how to start living a healthier lifestyle

Congratulations, you survived one of the most feared disease - malignant tumor growth. Dangerous cancer but can reappear. It's time to take matters into their own hands and reduce the risk of the disease returning to the minimum. How? Adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle!

Triumph over cancer is certainly important. Equally important, however, prevent its return. Many individuals are concerned that poor diet or stress in their lives may again bring the fear of the tumor. It is therefore important not to hesitate and environmental crossroads go the path for a healthy life.

Say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol

Research shows that smoking clearly increases the risk of a return of the tumor. The new tumor can arise in the original location, but it also may occur elsewhere in the body. S discarding cigarettes is not advisable to wait. If you are unsure whether quitting smoking can do on your own, feel free to use the help of doctors. A similar recommendation applies to alcohol. Although one drink at a time does not matter, excessive alcohol consumption greatly facilitates the return of the cancer.

Eat healthily

Czech Republic is proclaimed worldwide unhealthy diets. Where else also have such goodies like schnitzel with potato salad or dumplings, pork and sauerkraut. Excessive intake of fat and protein in the diet, however, does not strengthen the health of the body, on the contrary, it rather worse. Weight reduction and change in eating habits can avert the risk of neoplasia. The specific diet , check with your doctor or a nutrition specialist. Among the general recommendations include regular consumption of fruit and vegetables. Every day you should eat at least 500 grams of fruit and vegetables in several smaller portions. Do try to diet to include whole grain foods and avoid foods with excessive amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Of course there is also maintaining a reasonable body weight. According to the BMI should be between 18,5-25 kg / m2.

Life in motion

Several investigations have shown that regular physical exercise after successful cancer treatment prevents its return. And it does not turn you immediately become professional athletes, to reduce the risk of Central sufficient daily physical activity for 30 minutes. Suitable activities include walking, running, cycling or swimming. Any form of movement is an advantage, so when choosing depends only on your wishes and desires. Before starting any exercise but rather first contact your doctor. With its help, you can choose a suitable activity tailored to your medical condition.

Life after cancer requires a radical change. Get rid of old habits and step towards a long and satisfying life in which you do not have to worry about sinister shadows of the tumor. Surely reach your goal adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Health We have the only one and it is necessary to thoroughly protect.

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