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Doorstep selling energy, the most common trick is to control fictitious invoices

According to the latest survey by E.ON to 72% of Czechs met with doorstep selling electricity or gas. Not always must be, in the case of doorstep selling one deception, but caution is in place. In this article, we introduce four basic tricks that will not cloud the sales people use in their dealings, and also advise how during a meeting with fraudsters keep.

As shown by the cases last year, sales management can be very resourceful. Though it might seem that dealers haunting Czech households targeted primarily at seniors or women on maternity leave, are also among disabled people of working age. "Doorstep selling energy is a very thorny issue. Still come to us a large number of clients who have signed a disadvantageous contract between the doors. It is not just the elderly, but also younger, "said Jana Poncarová project

The fact that sales management is still a current issue, confirmed the results of the survey conducted by Ipsos, which let an E.ON. "The research was conducted on a sample of 1510 respondents and showed that 72% of people have ever met doorstep selling. This number only confirms how widespread the method of sale is. It is therefore necessary to pay very careful with whom one interacts and gets what kind of offer submission. Just as the early detection of unfair practices, which some traders use, "said Vladimir Vacha, spokesman energy company E.ON

First trick: Checking invoices or meter

Not the most frequent justification visits doorstep seller is checking invoices, meter, setting tariffs, distribution tariffs or discounts. The reason for such behavior is prosaic - once the consumer doorstep sellers give his last electricity or gas bill, he begins to describe the data required in the new treaty. Then you only need to sign the form and leave it off to change supplier. When a customer asks what actually signed, the seller often argued that it was necessary to change the billing address.

• Facts: No checking of invoices, tariffs or tariff energy suppliers do not.
Meter reading is performed exclusively by personnel distribution company, and is announced in advance.

• Hint: Invoices or existing contracts put out of hand.
Sometimes the sales people like to take away with him and he is not coming back.

Second trick: Impersonating an employee ERO

Itinerant vendors are also very happy to pose as someone else. Often pose as representatives of the dominant energy company, which operates the site. Not afraid to impersonate a worker or distribution company or even as representatives of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). "The problem we file with various dealers with energies where some posing as workers ERO or SEI. In this case, our office serves a complaint, even though it is usually difficult to catch the fraudster ex post, "said Jiri Chvojka, spokesman ERO.

• Facts: Representatives of the ERO or SEI Czech households circumvention.
Workers distribution only carried out meter readings.

• Hint: Staff conducting electricity and gas meters reading you must show a service card.
Their identity can be verified by calling for locally relevant distribution company.

Third trick: Stopping your supplier

Spreading fear and lies. So I could call another trick that sales people are very happy to use. Rings on your door and argue that you contract expires. Such a situation but can not. You either have negotiated a contract for an indefinite period or for a fixed period with an automatic extension. Another similar trick is to claim that your supplier has ceased trading. "This is of course nonsense. In the energy market has only happened once that the contractor went bankrupt. In this case, the customer takes a supplier of last resort, which has an obligation to ensure the supply of electricity or gas. "Said Vladimir Vacha.

• Fact: If your supplier has gone bankrupt, you would be informed about it.
Deliveries would take your relevant local electricity distributor and you have enough time to choose a new merchant's sole discretion.

• Hint: Believe only official written communication from your supplier.

Fourth trick: LED bulbs "free"

In the summer of last year, some companies equip their dealers saving light bulbs, which when visiting households distributed as a "free gift", in exchange for signing a contract for the supply of energy. "Consumers actually signed but not changing supplier, but also a purchase contract for light bulbs, although it became a symbolic crown. If you have decided to make contracts for the supply of electricity or gas to resign, also had to withdraw from the contract and for LED lighting and return it undamaged, otherwise, they face a fine of 2,000 crowns, "said Jana Poncarová.

• Facts: Forward gifts or cash directly at the signing of the contract is not a common practice of most suppliers.

• Tip: Always Ask about and before you sign anything, read the materials.
Please also provisions written in the fine print. Now they are hiding greatest risk.

If you signed and you do not know what to do next

When signing the contract will not have lost anything. "As a consumer or a natural person can contract negotiated away from business premises in writing to withdraw without giving any reason and without penalty within 5 days prior to the supply of electricity or gas. The deadline to exercise the right of withdrawal is maintained, if the withdrawal in writing sent before the deadline, "explained George Chvojka ERO.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz
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