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Torn banknotes traders may not refuse

Often when we get into the hands of paying bill, which is missing corner or part of the edge that is wrinkled, torn, or even in two pieces and glued together with duct tape. There are no bills except as described or painted. What then to do with them? There is a possibility to refuse? A trader must always be it from us to take?

Just a little inattention while paying and easily into our hands gets worn or even damaged banknotes. It's a bit like "Black Peter", we would not have it already, but nobody wants to accept. Now what? "I certainly do not have to run any slight damage to the bank, but we should be able to recognize whether we battered bill pay, and whether the trader must accept," says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

There are clear rules for the admission of worn and damaged money. It happens that the cashier when paying refuse to accept the bill on the grounds that the damage may not receive money. But not always act properly. While worn banknotes circulation, typically wrinkled, nicked, with an unbalanced edge or dirty, you can not refuse, for the victims and their refusal to meet can.

"The law distinguishes between normal and abnormal damage. For us, as individuals, the non-worn banknotes do not have to accept. For entrepreneurs plays a role, whether it's natural or legal person. Mode of individuals is the same, the only exception being bureaux de change, which are subject to what legal persons. Most traders as a legal entity is obliged to accept all bills, except for those abnormally damaged and the damage normally, but they are not the whole, "says
Luke Green. The whole is then understood as necessary to note the missing horn not greater than 2 cm or just torn bill regardless of the length and number of rupture. Legal person must even accept a bill torn in two and glued tape. I do not mind not oily stain or čárnutí. And what is important is not already back into circulation. Let us not therefore tell that bill, which is only torn, do not accept.

Significantly damaged or intentionally damaged the money in circulation is not. Such notes may reject everyone except the Czech National Bank and especially banks performing cash operations. But you seize it to us without compensation. About nonstandard damage that was definitely not caused by normal handling, it is in the case of burned or decayed notes, furthermore they are torn into more than two parts, or are unreadable or perforated pattern. However, if the bill due to the heat or just browned just blown, is not considered charred. If the bill after accidental washing remains unchanged visible to the naked eye, pattern and some protective elements are recognizable, it must adopt a trader and return them to the circulation, as well as the bill described or painted on one side.

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