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Visit the breathtaking natural scenery, or admire art. A healthier you

Breathtaking view Pravčickou gate, listening to Schubert's Ave Maria or dumb amazement at the beauty of the Sistine Chapel, the scientists are downright healthy. Positive emotions associated with the perception of the beauty of nature or art work to help the defense system of the human body.

Scientists of California Berkely specifically demonstrated that a strong positive experience beautiful nature and art causes lower levels of protein cytokine. Higher levels of cytokine normally means that the immune system prevents anything.

"Our research shows that positive emotions are associated with low levels of cytokines, an indicator of good health," says Jennifer Stellarová that the University of California Berkeley research led.

Her research was attended by two hundred young people who ensure that during the investigation of experiencing positive emotions from visiting the natural monument or a work of art. From small pieces of tissue, researchers found that those people who have experienced that day really strong emotions - awe and wonder at the beauty of nature or a work of art - have the lowest levels of cytokines.

Cytokines help the human body to cope with inflammatory diseases, diseases and traumas. Long-term high level cytikonu but a sign of poor health associated with type 2 diabetes, artitidou, Alzheimer's disease and depression.

"The fact that people go to the countryside to admire its beauty, listen to music or attend exhibition halls, has a direct impact on their health and longevity," says psychologist Dächer Keltner from Berkeley.


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