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Rococo Theatre: Goldflam trying Czech premiere of Happy End

Rococo Theatre: Goldflam trying Czech premiere of Happy End The Rococo Theatre prepares Czech premiere contemporary Israeli tragicomedy Happy End, which is easily and insight tells a very serious matters. Directed by Goldflam that the first time ever brought to the stage play Czech playwright Anat Gov.

Anat Gov was one of Israel's leading playwrights in recent years. Happy End, which the Rococo Theatre staged by Goldflam, began after doctors discovered with her ​​cancer. She decided to talk about his disease openly and this tragicomedy is proof of that. Although it touches so serious things, such as illness and death, missing her humor and insight. This one novel approach has won the hearts of many viewers, whilst promoting the prevention and fight against this insidious disease.

Anat Gov survived cancer four years, during which, she says in one of his last interviews, it was more good than bad days. Although she eventually succumbed in 2012, the message that viewers left, namely "Never lose hope and take your life from the best" is still alive.

The novel tragicomedy Happy End will premiere on March 28 at the Theatre Rococo.

The production will see Danu Batulková, rows Fidlerová, Jitka sad, Evellyn Pacolákovou, Hanu Doulovou, George Han and others.

The patronage of the Embassy of Israel took over in the Czech Republic.

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