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Shine on the red carpet of the Oscars, attention is clamped to Julianne Moore

The most prestigious parade of movie stars will offer in its 87th year, again an unprecedented collection of luxury robes and incredibly precious jewels. Fans Oscars but they know that their favorite champions better than the actual awards show will introduce the 300 meters of red carpet.

Fashion and film buffs, there can figure out which stars shone brightest in the spotlight - and also from the many interesting things to learn. Attention will focus this year on the actress Julianne Moore: charismatic redhead are among the favorites and is rightly known for luxury models fashion designers, which in its fifty-four overshadow the much younger colleague.

Special cameras and perfectly prepared to reporters headed by Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Secreastem a presenter duo Kelly Osbourne and Ross Mathews promise great entertainment show, which along with millions of viewers around the world can be seen in our country: The program Live from the Red Carpet (Live from Red carpets) transmits television channel E! (O2 TV) on Sunday 22 February at 22.30, in a reprise February 23.

TTIP the winner as fashion critics and film journalists, this is rarely the same. Always well dressed actress Julianne Moore has a great chance to turn his fourth Oscar nomination in the golden statuette for his performance in the lead female role in the film Still Alice, where she plays a woman with Alzheimer's disease. Čtyřiapadesátiletá actress like wine ages in beauty. Attractive redhead is also famous for its elegant, mostly black or red models renowned fashion designers, and does not hide his weakness for luxury brands. In great shape keeps the sport, especially regular yoga.

Other stars that is not quenched

Nominated five actresses for his portrayal of the lead role complements Felicity Jones (picture Theory of Everything), Rosamund Pike (Lost), Reese Withespoon (Wilderness) and the lovely Marion Cotillard (Two days, one night).

Other favorites of the show from the red carpet again this year include ageless old standbys Mery Streep Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Čarovný forest. Strong competition, but she will be graceful beauty Keira Knightley, nominated in the same category for the film Enigma code.

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