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Magic voice rebels for all primary and secondary schools

To mark the anniversary of the death of Jan Palach is made available to schools in the Czech Republic, a documentary film about Olga Sommer Marta Kubišová. Teachers can reflect their pupils snapshot, which won the Audience Award at the festival in Karlovy Vary and was nominated for the Czech Lion Award for Best Documentary.

"It is a great honor for me that the film goes to school and he gets among young people who are on my life story can become familiar with the fact that freedom and democracy are not commonplace. They will be able to learn that it is important to both of these things weigh and take care of them, never to the forty years of injustice and arbitrariness could not be repeated, "says the singer Marta Kubišová. Film, along with educational and informational materials for teachers available online at educational portal .

"In connection with the anniversary of Palach's death, we want every year through quality documentaries featuring prominent pupils that even at considerable personal sacrifice bring the communist regime. One of them is Marta Kubišová. Her bravery and strong moral attitudes may be for today's young people inspiration and a reminder that fundamental democratic values ​​to be protected, "says project director Stories of Injustice Karel Strachota from People in Need.

In addition to the Magic Voice rebels schools on the topic also offer award-winning three-part drama Polish director Agnieszka Holland Burning Bush . Film Ten points again captures the course of the strike, which was announced by high school students in November 1968 to protest against posrpnovému development after the occupation of Czechoslovakia and alarming that preceded the act of Jan Palach. Another document is a short film Silence , which was created immediately after Palach's death. Director Milan Peer escorted documentary footage from the streets and the student's funeral song songwriter Bohdan Mikolášek. The film Czech children with the same opposition initiative dedicated to young people headed by Peter flatsie who participated in the organization of anti-communist demonstrations in Prague on the 20th anniversary of Palach's death, later known as Palach week. The film contains a number of archival footage right from the January events in 1989.

All documents, teachers can stream directly on the website, or you can download from here for future projection in the classroom. The films are ready-made teaching packages that have teachers available to hours activities, basic questions and answers on the topic and other related materials. If the malcontents Magic voice to some of the questions students expressed directly Marta Kubišová.

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