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LA Pelicula tenth time. This year with a tribute to Antonio Banderas

LA Pelicula tenth time. This year with a tribute to Antonio Banderas The third week of February was the tenth time becomes not only a feast for all lovers of Spanish language and Spanish films, but this year i will delight fans of one of the most famous Spanish actors Antonio Banderas. Now is dedicated to him is one of the sections show upcoming Spanish-language film La Pelicula.

"We will introduce this versatile artist, especially in the early days of his acting, which can be for many viewers by surprise. For example, as we will see him hiding or republican dancing and singing monk. Spanish Film Academy awarded him honorary Goya award and became the youngest recipient of this prestigious award, "says the festival's by David reasons why čtyřiapadesátiletý Antonio Banderas became the pivotal figure of the festival.

The 10th annual festival will be held February 17 to 22, 2015 in a traditional Prague cinema Aero and February 19 to 22 in Brno cinema Scala. From 23 to 25 February the Spanish movies will be able to enjoy a mini-cinema audiences in Ostrava and at the end, February 26 to 28, will be read in Spanish Bio Central in Hradec Kralove.

The festival program offers mentioned Tributes Banderas also a selection of current Spanish cinema and finally mapping the most interesting section of the Latin American films. Festival organized by the Embassy of Spain, Instituto Cervantes and cinema Aero.

A native of Malaga in Spain José Antonio Dominguez Bandera or Antonio Banderas will be the hero of the festival section entitled Tribute to Antonio Banderas. Viewers can look forward to the musical comedy Pharaoh's court, lesser-known films if I told you that I fell and bliss of killing a crazy romantic comedy One extra shot or summer rain, which will feature as a director.

Since the festival La Pelicula is not only a Spanish production, but bears the subtitle "festival Spanish-language films", viewers can look forward to a cross-section of filmmaking in Latin America.

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