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Green tea - a cocktail of pesticides in the bag

In Eastern cultures, the preparation and serving of tea ceremony with us often settle for fast pouring a bag with unknown contents. What is hiding in his bowels? Consumer magazine dTest left for its January 17 issue of test portions of green teas. Two of them, because of the high content of pesticides or not come on the market.

"In teas, we investigated the possible presence of a total of three hundred pesticides. We found residues of 21 of them. Products Tesco Green Tea and Green Tea Ducat traditional insecticide acetamiprid contained in an amount that exceeds more than twice the EU limit. They should not appear in stores, "says Daniel Pavlis, chief editor of the magazine dTest and adds:" These two teas additionally contained another 11 or 13 pesticide residues. "Dukat Green tea is traditional yet in January 2014 appeared between unsafe food in the database state food and agricultural inspections for content overdeliver another insecticide.

More than a dozen pesticides dTest also appeared with green tea Jemča Pigi, Teekanne Green Tea and Green Tea Right traditional Lloyd Tea. "The influence of different cocktail of pesticides is not sufficiently explored, therefore caution is advisable. Their combination, even in minimal quantities, can have unpredictable effects, "explains Pavlis. Larger quantities of pesticides and high content of one of them measured the laboratory also in tea Gunpowder from Valdemar Grešíka.

Test also examined the sensory properties of tea. Czech Decree on the quality of tea is very benevolent and says only that "the right tea means tea, which is made ​​from stems, leaves, buds or delicate parts lignified stems Camellia sinensis." However, the difference between the tea from lignified stems and buds are huge . Both taste and price. If you prefer the convenience of tea bags in front of complicated preparation tea leaves, it is better to have big expectations in quality and rather than wait for the buds and leaves of fine grit and twigs.

"Packaged green tea after the sensory nenadchne, but not to offend. Taste maximum to obtain the proper water temperature and steeping time. Optimal how to prepare should show each manufacturer on the package, because tea differ from each other and each of them suggest something else, "says
Daniel Pavlis. Generally, green tea should not be watered boiling water, the ideal temperature is between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius. "It is surprising that 8 out of 17 manufacturers tested teas on the packaging indicates that the bags have to water just boiling water. This may be the cause of poor taste perception for some products, "says Pavlis.

Test winner became green tea bottled Our bio from Billy, whose taste and smell tagged evaluators pleasant, showed good antioxidant activity and additionally contain no pesticide residues.

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