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What to watch out for when post-Christmas selloff

Christmas is gone, but the attack merchants on our wallets definitely not over. Time sales are in full swing and the streets almost does not pass without feeling that we not spend before the holidays, we have to spend right now, because it will be cheaper. Sales are, have been and will be popular, but they should be approached with caution and a clear head.

To save because of the discounts, you should have an overview of the normal price of the goods. "That is, in a store by 50% on sale does not mean that it discounted 'price can not buy elsewhere quite frequently," says Luke Green, Head of Legal Department Dtest . Each sales event is certain marketing move and always have to watch out, even though it may not be right for deceptive trade practices. "These may be false discounts when the vendor price of the product not actually decreases and the word discount 'is used only as a magical incantation to inattentive entice consumers to buy. Or temporary price increases that could then be reduced to the original level and the issuance of this difference for a discount, "says Luke Green. It is not the year when the Czech Trade Inspection during sales revealed a number of errors, which the traders at discounts commit and which may mislead customers.

Too shop windows do not believe that attracts ruins prices, total sales and discounts of 80%.
When thoroughly look up into the ad, the often tiny digit before the word "up". Specific goods with such a large discount store will definitely not full and you have a problem rather find out what specifically is much reduced.

If it tempts dealer discounts, must always be on the final price of goods and quantification discounts for pennies sit. If you numbers on the price tag does not fit, give impetus Czech Trade Inspection. Deceiving consumers may come in fines merchant quite expensive.

"Often consumers encounter with the statement that on discounted assortment guarantee does not apply or is limited. Nothing like that is not possible, on goods purchased in discount applies statutory warranty of 24 months. An exception is the discount, which was granted for the defect in the product - for such defects can not then claim the goods, all other defects in the goods warranty though, "says Luke Green. The reason for such discounts customer must be informed when buying and this should be confirmed on receipt. But it can not provide a discount for defects that arise in the future yet. That would be a circumvention of the law.

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