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U Apolináře was the first ambulance for dependent children

The issue of alcohol and drug abuse goes far beyond the adult population. Doctor's care needs, according to statistics NGA year 1500 clients only child of insurance, and it is precisely because addictive substances and their impact on physical and mental health. Ambulance specializes in juvenile dependency issues arose while only this year, in Prague refurbishing.

The doors are open to all

Dependence of children and adolescents drug or alcohol cost the state considerable expenses. Only last year reimbursed by the General Health Insurance Company (VZP), over 15 million for health care for such patients. And its financial support has helped create the first specialized clinic in the Czech Republic where minors may depend find appropriate care. Although it has yet ambulance contract only with NGA nor insured there`s other insurers. In the future it envisages the funding from multiple sources, and negotiating with other insurance companies.

The children cares a whole team of experts

New addictological ambulance dealing with the treatment and research of addiction offers comprehensive care for children who have problems with alcohol, drugs or gambling. The professional team consists next child psychiatrist a psychologist, Addictologist (expert on dependency issues) and a special education teacher. Of course there should also be cooperation with the family from which it originates dependent young.

Overwhelming statistics

Statistics describing the experience of teens with substance abuse are alarming. First experience with tobacco have in our country children on average at 11 years, with marijuana then in 13 years. Among regular smokers include 29% of boys and over 25% of girls aged 16 to 18 years. Regular drinking admits up to 60% of adolescents.

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