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What to do with unwanted Christmas presents?

When we found under the tree of size greater sweater, two coffee machines of the same brand or another gift that pleases us now, we need not despair. It is often possible gifts to return or exchange for something else. Just know how to do it.

"Sales in the stone store have no legal obligation to take back goods without giving any reason not to replace it. Many of them, however, trying to satisfy our customers and beyond its legal obligations, these options offer, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. Sometimes just a trader when buying agree that this option be indicated on the proof of purchase. If endowed with a gift satisfied, just go to the store and pick those goods that he likes or better fit.

If we did not expect presents before the failure, even then nothing is lost. Traders tend to be sympathetic and exchange them for other goods or coupon on your next purchase consents. Less helpful are, if we insist at any cost to refund the purchase price. The fact that the donee not choose anything else, and would rather spend the money elsewhere, the merchant may not be interested. Do not forget that the return Christmas gifts or other products are not commonplace. It is always good to hurry up and visit stores long delayed. Hard to imagine that a trader will enthusiastically donated goods exchanged for another in mid-March.

"The situation is different when traders to exchange or return voluntarily subscribe. By the possibilities do their duty, which must be followed. Changing or returning goods is governed by the rules of a particular trader. Everyone after its setting a deadline for returning goods or exchange form, "says Luke Green. Seller example, we can place the prize giving limited voucher for your next purchase of equal value. In case of replacement is usually required to bring undamaged product, preferably unopened and in the original packaging. For the clothes should still be attached to the original tags. "Information about the possibilities and conditions for the return or exchange of goods, we should get the payment, it is also listed on the bill, or in a store. When all conditions are met retailer can not flinch and we can claim in the body, even through the courts, "says Luke Green.

An important role in the exchange or return the wrong gift plays a proof of payment, ie usually bill. O exchange, but we can try without it, especially when the product is sold only a specific store or chain store.

The easiest way to returning unwanted gifts purchased over the internet. E-shops fact must respect the right of withdrawal, which guarantees us directly by law. The deadline is 14 days from receipt of goods and sufficient to merchant withdrawal sent her last day. Some online stores even extend this deadline, therefore it pays to look into business conditions. For Internet purchases are strict rules that prohibit merchants to ask requirements type - in the original packaging, unwrapped, undamaged, and so on. In addition, the purchase price must also return postage paid for the delivery of the goods to us. Withdraw from the contract but not in all cases. An exception is a specially made to order gifts, cosmetics, for which he was disturbed protective hygienic packaging, or the original packaging unpacked music albums, movies or computer games.

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