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Nezadlužujme because of Christmas giveaways

At Christmas time again, many people handled the Christmas loans. They do not mind that buying expensive gifts than their financial situation. Why pay will be until next year ... Loans and advances for Christmas giveaways family may unnecessarily get into financial trouble. Christmas holidays are especially peace. Even a small gift of love makes donee joy.

Debt avoids hardly any family. Getting a cash apartment or house is unrealistic for most people. Mortgage loans corresponding to the financial possibilities of the family is a reasonable debt. Acquisition expensive Christmas gifts on debt is not. All loans and borrowings must be properly repay, otherwise comes the execution. "The short-term pleasure from a nice and expensive Christmas gift can be quickly replaced in the new year, financial problems at a disadvantage having to repay the loan. By purchasing gift on credit goods more expensive and monthly debt payments in the coming months is a big change in family financial budget, "says Emil Brooch, CEO finFOCUS.

Low loans are more expensive

Direct loans and borrowings are much more profitable than non-purpose loans with short maturities. All financial companies offering Christmas loans or credits to their claims very well guarded. Execution proceedings due to the outstanding debt is accelerating. Any execution is very unpleasant. The whole family gets to mental stress. Executory fees significantly increase the cost of the original debt. The value of a gift is subsequently acquired significantly less than the amount owed. "Husbands should not try to surprise partner gift on debt as the loan repayments in the coming months affairs of the whole family. So i donee, who would not agree. Spouses should plan and manage the family finances together. Each loan should draw upon Public debate, "says Emil Brooch.

Repayment of loans requires financial discipline

Families repaying loans must manage very well and have family finances under control. Responsible citizens are also drawing on the loan at a financial reserve, which is equivalent to at least four months of family income. Temporarily always possible to drop in family income due to temporary unemployment, work for a lower wage or non-payment by customers for tradesmen. Proper regular repayment of the loan or loan requires financial discipline. Therefore, it is necessary to any debt you really think about it. Definitely not recommended to draw credit on goods whose lifespan is shorter than the repayment period of the loan or credit. Holidays such as Christmas gift is nice, but not on credit. Gifts should shop around for the saved money. If you can not get a dream gift this Christmas, so you need to purchase for some time and postpone the purchase of the goods or services for saved money.

Let us not succumb to ill-shopping

The Christmas season is full of shopping malls and bustling people worried towing trucks full of a variety of gifts. Christmas shopping is still a good idea to first in peace at home before a thorough rethink and only then go to the store, whether stone or Internet. Sometimes it takes gifts to the debt spontaneously in a situation where we are enchanted Christmas atmosphere or influenced by other people who also buy the goods. Buying goods on credit is easy. The Christmas season is on the market a number of bids for tens of thousands ineffective loans without collateral. "Imprudent debt, however, result in a debt spiral, which leads to breaking new debt debt. Stop the carousel loans and borrowings are subsequently very difficult," warns Emil Brooch.

Family financial planning pays off

Financial planning allows us to infuse as much financial joy. Regular coordination revenue and expenditure is the right way to have at the end of the most free funds to buy gifts for our loved ones. New Year is then a good springboard for families who still do not draw the family budget and finances in detail planned. Drawing up a family budget and regular observance is the first step to healthy family finances. The basic rule is that family expenses is based on family income and is compiled balanced budget where revenues equal expenses. Expenditures should be divided into two items, compulsory expenditure and non-compulsory expenditure. Each month is a good idea to look for savings on the expenditure side while striving to raise family incomes (eg. In the form of irregular brigades, looking for a better job, earn some money through self-employment).

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