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Photographer - Jan Saudek intersection life on the big screen

Photographer - Jan Saudek intersection life on the big screen In a story loosely inspired by the story famous Czech photographer Jan Saudek, we return to some dramatic junctions of the artist's life nejedním endowed with extraordinary talent, spontaneity and passion. All these qualities have brought him fame and rejection, love and betrayal, loneliness and crowds of admirers.

The centerpiece of John's life has always been women. Whether those paraded before the lens of his camera, often through picturesque characters, or those who surrounded him in private. Daughters, wives, mistresses, girlfriends sexual, intellectual admirers. One selflessly loving and loyal, cheating and lovelorn, the other sharing the delight of his tumultuous life. But even those with renowned artist longed for their future, obsessed with the desire to tame his open-mindedness, sharing with him his fortune, talent and genes. Specimens of these female types populate extremely engrossing film oscillating on the border of dark comedy, romance and fairy tale at the end of the film and thrilling drama.

The main role is played by Karel Roden, which we can use in a completely new position in which viewers have not seen him. It's passionate, funny, witty, cute and provoking. The discovery of the new film will be representative of the main female role, very interesting Masha Málková. Similarly, the other actors create their characters convincing and unique way.

Foreword screenwriter and director Irena Pavlásková
"I met John as a person extremely sensitive, inwardly rich and wise and a little different than what is presented before the public, and that's the way that stands out from the people, is a self-defense before the world. I liked to combine those two positions artist who has a very interesting life, spent their underwent two totalitarian regimes, Nazi and Communist, and yet always remained his, is sold out. He stayed true to what likes him, and he could reach the whole world. The story is peppered with humor, because our hero is a sense of humor handsomely endowed. The film uncovers the secret of John's work, submerges into the bizarre and captivating world of women who surround him. "

Interview with Jan Saudek

Together with Irena You co-wrote - as you agreed on how to stage a crossroads in your life scenarios include?
Irule is a complicated creature, intellectual. I turn primitives - this goes well together. Personally, however, I think that in my life, nothing special happened - but she sees it differently. The film is the story of such a life of one man, how it sees the woman. Sure, the film is a little shift elsewhere. It was cute with Iren again after many years of encounter. We are quite related, unfortunately, not physically.

Did you have any idea at the beginning, who should be in the film the main character? How to fulfill this vision Karel Roden?
Mr. Roden is a great actor - many times I was impressed with how you captured my anxiety and confusion. On personal life Overlord, the role played masterfully torn, the surface cynical guy, but shy and fanfarónského. It does not matter that looks infinitely better than I do - he played the soul, not the surface. Karel surprised me his view and mentality of the role he plays.

In the story you leave - even with all copyright license - insight into their privacy. You are very open ...
The dream of every photographer is that people will know its not just pictures. In the history of film it happened only once - and Antonionově Blow. But it should be a parody of David Bailey. My personal life? It is rather banal - but certainly not hiding anything, because it does not lie. But some moments I captured on photographs - and now I see that it was worth it - so it really was - and there are, those records poison Nou for all. I believe that any viewer at least appreciate that he was not lying.

The essence of the film is the story of your relationship to the female world - and not just as a lifelong artistic inspiration. Have you after all these life escapades understand anything about women?

Something about women I knew as a boy of fourteen - but only in theory - practice time came. In fifty asked me: "You, Johnny, how many women have had." Not one, I tell you. Is it possible to have a river or spring storm? Sun? Dawn? I did not have any, but some I might portray. But I did not understand anyway - I just feel boundless admiration, respect - and adoration phenomenon womanhood. Jim owe everyone in his life.

Jan Saudek (b. 13. 5. 1935 Prague) is a famous Czech photographer who approached his oeuvre world. The most frequent theme of his works is the female body and the relationship between women and men. His photographic style is unmistakable with its plot, making and selection of models. But even typical background images ("moldy" wall of his original basement studio) and a selection of picturesque props. Since the late 70s, many of his photographs koloruje.
Jan Saudek works are exhibited in the most prestigious galleries worldwide. His work has won numerous awards, including the French Legion of Honour. It's twin brother outstanding artist Karla (Kaja) Saudek.


Director: Irena Pavlásková
Screenplay: Irena Pavlásková, Jan Saudek

Karel Roden, Marie Málková, Vilma Cibulkova, Zuzana Vejvodová, Václav Neuzil, Marika Procházková, Patrik Děrgel, Jitka Sedláčková, Igor Orozovič, Vanda final, Jenovéfa Boková and more.

Premiere: January 8, 2015

Source: tz, the press kit

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