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Christmas Carnival theater premiere: the Annunciation

Christmas Carnival theater premiere: the Annunciation Carnival Theatre Company since January settlement in Eliade Library Theatre on the Balustrade, waits shortly before Christmas Eve, the first premiere of the season. Directed by Stephen PACL shall mystery Claudel Annunciation.

The plot of the drama that the adjustment Carnival bears the subtitle "mystical vaccination", based on a medieval legend about a cure leprosy pious girl Violente. Paul Claudel displays the text motive struggle of soul and body, acrimonious intervention deadly disease. Its name can be in confrontation with today however varied, the theme as such but unquestionably still a man near and at the present time.

Directorial baton after the last premiere of Orlando by Virginia Woolf takes over from Anna Petrželková Stephen Pácl - artistic director of Ostrava, DPB, founder of the theater company Carnival and twice winner of the Alfred Radok in the category of Talent.

In addition to the fixed stars acting ensemble Pavel Beretové and Miloslav Konig, on stage we meet with Teresa Vilišovou, Vladimir Javorský and Mina Burgenland, which needs no introduction.

Carnival Theatre Company in January 2014 moved to a permanent stage in Eliade Library Theatre on the Balustrade, among her collaborators include prominent Czech theater (Stephen Pácl, Jan Fric, Paul Beretová, Ivana Uhlířová, Miloslav König, Pine Magdalene, Luke Příkazký, Patrik Děrgel, Agnes Kubátová and many others).

In November 2014 Carnival launched its first ever subscription season, except for special-priced ticket offers exceptional book presents in collaboration with the publisher Revolver Revue.

Paul Claudel is known primarily for its symbolistickým perception of the characters and themes. Story Violente interprets as a drama in which to capture the relation between the level of personal, social and cosmic. This from today's perspective primitive rational approach will allow us to confrontation with the thesis that "the universe is immense harmony", which sounds nowadays painfully ironic. We want to deal with the author's pathos (passion!) Rather than a priori with derision, but as observers wonderful characters whose will is superhuman and sebezáhubná.

Paul Claudel: The Annunciation

Carnival Theatre Company

Translation: Miloš Marten
Directed by: Stephan Pácl et al.
Starring: Tereza Vilišová, Paul Beretová, Mina Hradská, Vladimir Javorský, Miloslav König

I. premiere: December 21, 2014 from 19.00
II. Premiere: December 22, 2014 at 19:00
in Eliade Library Theatre on the Balustrade

I repeat: January 23, 2015 from 21:00 ibid

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