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What to do if you will charge a different price than the promise

What to do if you will charge a different price than the promise Price is shopping at one of the main criteria. Discount actions are in Czech shops on a daily basis, but there are common even in cases where the customer at the checkout namarkují different price than what was on the price tag. Offer of goods but also formed a specified price for merchant binding. How can you resist?

Action leaflets lure us into the store, large signs draw attention to a specific shelf price tags and color highlighting indicate that the goods are on sale, and for that price. "If a trader at checkout charging a higher price than stated in the advertising leaflet or on a shelf in trade, deceives its customers. You have the right to demand the difference in price, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Discrepancies in prices is difficult to detect at multi-item purchases, but it always pays to be careful when Marking. If we find differences in prices before paying, no purchase contract and we have the choice to claim the prices quoted for goods or exclude him from buying. On the site, however, is more difficult to convince the merchant that is listed price is bound and that the product we have to sell under these conditions. Who do not really like distrust of the merchant can cost a reported case of goods to photograph a turnover spur Czech Trade Inspectorate to conduct inspections.

If you notice the difference in price immediately after the payment or later at home, you can be billed against higher rates from the fence. "Unjustified overpayment can argue without much difficulty for the duration of the event, thus reducing the price of goods. Later evidence already your situation worse, "says Luke Green. Marketers often rely on that for negligible amounts refuse to judge, which is not surprising. Nothing is so not pressured to meet us, to admit a mistake and refunded the amount paid in excess.

Unpleasant surprises can be when we pay the purchase price by credit card. Traders is increasingly this form of payment may be billed. Although at first glance appears to be a payment card as a cash payment equivalent to requiring a fee when paying by card as discriminatory, it is not. Credit cards do not represent payment in cash, which are the only legal tender. Traders us therefore may require a fee for card payment, the amount can not exceed the actual cost of traders who are paying this way connected. In addition, we have to be before the purchase alerted about the need to pay this fee. Failure to provide this information in advance of paying exorbitant fee or violating the law merchant and runs the risk of fines from the Czech Trade Inspection.

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