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Meetings at the highest level: Putin with Bilak Švandovo Theatre

Game Putin and Biľak with safe, night and called grotesque by uninvited guests in the rooms of foreign and foreign countries, such as going to first new 2015 Švandovo theater.

Production of one non-traditional meeting at the highest level from his own screenplay prepares director Victoria Čermáková. Role of the Russian leader befriends Marek hurried, late communist functionary played by Miloslav Mejzlík. Two politicians will be joined by assistant Anna performed by Martina Short. Will premiere January 31, 2015 in an underground Studio.

The point is that even Vladimir Putin wants to sleep. However, prevented him from doing so mysterious nocturnal visits. Especially the newest - oddly raving man from God knows where. Vladimir Putin wants to sleep but seriously. A way must be considered at a good judo, violent words or shooting. But the old man is a damn tough. He even begins to make demands - wants some kind of letter. If it across at least made sense. If only he was seen on security cameras ... He says he is from Czechoslovakia, while his name Vasil!

How does it taste much

"The task of the artistic director of the theater Švandovo Doda Gombár as possible on stage just connect these two policies, I was most interested in the topic of power: how it tastes, and what a person can do," says director Viktorie Čermáková. This is when writing about both actors past and present events deliberately avoided by simply comparing black and white and the courts. And after studying many sources unleash his own imagination and sense of humor. Her black grotesque Putin and Biľak for safe and inspired not only interviews with commentators, political scientists and professional articles in Russian, but the well-known French documentary The Road to Power of Putin's rise, Biľakovou posthumous memoirs or famous film The Dictator Charlie Chaplin. And into action and vivid ghost story, which studies the underground space is enhanced by excellent ...

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