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Genius Alfred Radok on stage Prague Metropolitan Theatres

Genius Alfred Radok on stage Prague Metropolitan Theatres City Theatres of Prague held today from 16 o'clock in the upper foyer ABC vernissage genius Alfred Radok on stage Prague Metropolitan Theatres.

Opening of the exhibition launch director and actor John Drake, director of the Prague Metropolitan Theatres Andrew Hare and artistic director Petr Svojtka. Participation also promised David Radok, son of A. Radok.

Subsequently it will be possible to see a montage of record of staging play about love and death, the most famous production A. Radok in Prague Municipal Theatres in 1964 and the most famous Czech theater production at all.

The opening is freely accessible to the public.

City Theatres of Prague prepared an exhibition about Alfred Radok on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of the prominent personalities of Czech culture. The exhibition will present a collection of eight productions staged Alfred Radok on stage ABC between the years 1955-1965. Particular attention will be devoted to three productions tandsticker, Marriage and play about love and death.

The second part of the exhibition will document the life story of Alfred Radok. Using photographs from the private archives of David Radok loans and photographs from the collection of the National Museum in Prague closer to his private life and professional career. Exhibition in Prague Municipal Theatres points to the exceptional talent Czech theater director and reminds the importance of developing Alfred Radok in the context of the development of modern theater. Visitors to the theater exhibition will be able to see the end of January 2015.

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