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Miraculous onion socks

Miraculous onion socks It's too bad that today our health, our minimum dictate in many cases pharmaceutical companies that massive advertising campaigns attacking our two hemispheres, and each time we cough rather odcupkáme obediently to the nearest pharmacy, we spend pennies for something we know just enough that "the guy" advertising after a few drops Avoid couching ...

This means that our old and ancient mom knew the drugs, not worth a lot, sold in pharmacies and gave them is nature itself.
Onion socks Such medicines include folk.

Why socks?

For millennia, we know that the human foot contains reflex points associated with internal organs of our body. On stimulation of these points is the most commonly used massage, but in our case it will act on these points onion. And it all at once. Sock trick is today regarded as one of the most effective that apparently can turn with ailments such as flu and colds. However, an important effect on other diseases and mental states. Onion socks do have a strong cleaning effect. Release mucus and reliably alleviate pain. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that despite the reflex zones of the feet can develop an effect on the entire body. And it could hardly any drug.

Preparing onion socks is not at all difficult or complex. Neither will not take much time.

How to do it?

Finely slice one large onion. We spread it on a linen or cotton scarf (resp. The two that we can replace cotton handkerchiefs), mash it and reheat inverted lid on the pot in which to boil water. Attention! Never use an onion in a microwave oven, because after a few seconds, destroys important vitamins and medicinal ingredients. In addition, we need the heating bulbs dry out, so it is the most ideal aforementioned pot and the lid upside down. Scarves take your feet to be chopped onions touched the feet. Draw a thick socks over his feet and keep them warm. You should have them all night. In the morning your feet in warm water and dry thoroughly with a towel. Then they certainly feel that overnight something strange happened.
Do not believe? So try it out. Onion socks really work and their effect is thousand times better than ever troffin antibiotics.

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