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Autumn gardening: the movement will benefit your heart

Each correct gardeners waiting to fall much work. Raking leaves and soil preparation for the cold winter is unwritten obligations. The reasonable physical activity can benefit people with heart and blood vessels. The movement is clearly consolidates the health of the cardiovascular system.

Gardening can each

In gardens of all shapes and sizes are almost always find some work. Whether it's raking the leaves, plowing land, planting seeds or in the conservatory, you know that regular activity significantly beneficial to our heart and blood vessels. Even the smallest garden offers a great connection between man and nature. Fresh air and exercise your not only your muscles but also the senses. Rustling leaves underfoot, the smell of a campfire or wet clay helps relieve the stress of today's hectic times. Physical work reasonably so clearly helps with recovery after myocardial infarction or stroke. But do not overdo it, excessive weight to your heart Conversely, you can greatly harm.

Exercise improves heart

Movement undoubtedly toughens health of the cardiovascular system. What are the benefits of gardening heart, and what activities we'd better avoid vice versa?

Raking leaves or mowing the lawn clearly strengthens the health of the cardiovascular system and is a good choice of moderate to vigorous physical activity.
Lifting, carrying and digging in the garden helps increase muscle strength. Everyday activities as climbing stairs or lifting out of the chair can then be much easier.
Moving, stretching and movement around the garden to improve the mobility of muscles and joints. Greater mobility also brings independence to help others despite increasing flight.
The fresh air relaxes the mind, improves mood and helps in the prevention of myocardial infarction and other diseases. Psychological stress is in fact particularly dangerous for individuals suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
Soil working and carrying heavy loads among the most challenging activities. If you have heart problems, they prefer to avoid.

If you are unsure whether you stay in the garden allows your medical condition, consult your physician. In case of shortness of breath or chest pain rather seek medical advice.

Although at first sight it may seem, gardening is definitely not the prerogative of the warm weather. Even during the cold months is always something to do. During the frosty days, for example, can take care of a greenhouse or conservatory. Work in the garden through contact with nature brings joy and relief from stress. Furthermore, an excellent prevention of the formation and development of cardiovascular diseases.


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