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End of protection tradesmen before operators

Last week in the Official Gazette published an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, which curtailed the rights of both consumers and traders and small businesses. After the expiration of the fifteen-day deadline for entry into force of the Act will not be for entrepreneurs from operators of escape.

If you go to a store like a normal person, you are a consumer with a strong legal protection. If taking to himself overalls and put the IC into a contract, you are a professional, you should be careful. Last year's gains brought about by an amendment to the Members Husak for all customers, the operators did not like and deputies prolobbovali a big change. "The difference between a consumer and a freelancer is really minimal, as individuals have to operators in a weak position. It is hard to negotiate individual terms and conditions as large companies, "says Miloš Borovicka legal adviser Dtest. And he adds: "For 14 days, operators can change the contract so that the high fines to keep their customers." So who wants to terminate the contract with the operator with a fine "only" 1/5 of the remaining lump sums should not hesitate changes may follow very quickly .

Most criticized change introduced by the amendment applies to all, both businesses and consumers. Operators have long contracts may change as they want. So far in it but restricted the ability of the customer to withdraw if changed substantially requirement, nominated by the law. "At each change of law provisions had designated operator of a customer to learn that he can withdraw from the contract. New operators will themselves assess whether the change is significant or not and whether a customer who has a fixed-term contract, learn about opportunities to leave, "said Juniper. We can assume that most changes will be for operators banal, so only publish on its website the announcement that changed conditions. Customers with contracts for an indefinite period and the change in prices for calls can learn only when they can get their bill. This treatment is contrary to EU law and the Czech Republic to face penalties.

Entrepreneurs outside it will have to give much more attention to interviews with representatives of operators over the phone. Today, if you change the contract or close the phone, the operator must provide contract information electronically or in paper form and each customer has 14 days to rescind the contract. "Often telephonist tells everything and now refers to the conditions," says Juniper and explains "Just the fact that the customer says, I am interested 'or' I want to try 'operator infer agreement and amendments to contracts for businesses but will not be going back." Members of the operators relieved by the fact that its customers will not have to entrepreneurs alert for automatic contract extension. Who is not careful, he will have involuntarily and under the threat of fines to stick with your operator must next two years.

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