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Weekly Horoscope Nov 17 to Nov 23, 2014

Weekly Horoscope Nov 17 to Nov 23, 2014 Do you really think that your view of something is the only correct one? More tolerance and accessibility to the views of others would only benefit you. Admitting a mistake is not a sign of weakness ..

Week: 17. 11. 2014 - 23. 11. 2014

Aries (21.3-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, it seems that these days would you be bringing impulses to reflect on what to do next. Reach the top of the imaginary, or any sub-goals, and will need to set a new one. Otherwise you get bored and it's not for you .. In the field of material you realize that inconvenience can be (and often is!) Very instructive towards the future. Next time Reduce your enthusiasm or expectations, or rely only on themselves. Heading towards you experience priceless .. At home you can be satisfied, but remember that nothing lasts forever. If you want lasting satisfaction, then do not rest on our laurels. Look for new and mainly pleasant stimuli for children, for the partner and for friends. Whether you have time to get bored with you ..

Taurus (21.4-20.5.)
Dear Young bulls around you it looks like a cheerful and joyous mood - if you yourself do not fit a stick under his feet. Nevymýšlejte problems because they really do not have one! Otherwise, the call up and angry then you might just be ourselves! Priority: think positive! .. The material will not suffer, now you can enjoy it for what you have worked the last time. And do something you joy, whether you have tangible proof that the work comes really "cake" .. Privately initiate meetings with friends or extended family. The reason for some celebration there will always be. Especially do not be yourself, seek the company of people with whom you feel good. Will not regret! ..

Gemini (5.21-21.6.)
Dear Gemini, what does not work with it goodbye. Without conditions. Do calmly racket where it is untenable situation. You need to set a completely new rules. And it seems that it will cover more privacy .. In the area of ​​financial and work just act according to his own head and everything will be fine. Substantial will not to be influenced by anyone or anything. Neither bribe! .. Personal area looks that you can feel alone. Worried you piled up and feel that they are just on your shoulders, you into a good mood. Set priorities: When overriding your health, it's time to take decisive action and show neighborhood rinks. In their own interest ..

Cancer (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, probably you'll get some unexpected turnover - beneficial for both you and the whole situation that he will appear unsolvable. Discard the towel is still premature. Think about it .. Accessories mischief mixed material sphere in a different direction than you just liked it. Nothing major, but annoying feeling of it you can have. Mainly take to heart the lessons of the whole situation. In the future you will be thankful for this experience. If you learn ..;-) At home, forget about any DIY activities and household chores. None of this has legs, and now you better make time for yourself! Pamper yourself and pamper yourself with all that is dear to you. If you do not obey, you will be losers, because you manually incompetent. Thanks be to God, only temporarily ..

Lion (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, the power you need peace and relaxation. If you can, turn into seclusion and conduct themselves. If you want somewhere to express your opinion, judge impartially and especially tactfully! .. The material sphere now does not change. The die was cast, and you with it you have to somehow find their peace. Prospectively, therefore, for sure! Take things as they are, do not change anything. It would now be a waste of energy. Then use something more pleasant .. Maybe at home. Do you really think that your view of something is the only correct one? More tolerance and accessibility to the views of others would only benefit you. Admitting a mistake is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength right leader. Sometimes to forget that? ..;-)

Virgo (8.24-23.9.)
Precious Dolls, from all troubles will help you love. Or friendship. A or both. Count on the fact that the greatest support are you now your loved ones. Accordingly, they behave .. massive and obsesses illusion. Your illusions! Could you someone nicely nalítnout. Forget reality. And to disappoint. Brake enthusiasm, even if it will offer came from a seemingly trusted circles. And you can be fooled. Believe only that, what you will be able to reach home .. seems to be calm. Stay in the position where you are. Are not rushing into anything, do not change what works. Now's not the time, circumstances would have been against it. Calm and wait for time ..

Libra (24.9-10.23)

Dear Libra, the finish makes you constant work. Partial reward awaits you before the goal - as an encouragement to continue the journey .. The work will thrive especially hesitant with an entrepreneurial spirit, everyone else is then advisable to invest - in need of Christmas gifts. It is possible soon, but what you take in these days, with the score points! .. In the privacy of the neunáhlete with some decisions. It should be everything again, and alone to think. Do not consult with anyone anything, it is your decision, so it must suit you. Feel free to give more time to think. Here is where you really hurry ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)
Dear Scorpions, if you have any problem, they want you to help him higher protective powers. But these are the ones that need from you "touch on". So, start with the solution themselves and they will see to it that everything worked out in your favor. Do not hesitate .. In the material realm, beware of the revaluation of own forces. Too that you can load up on yourself and then you'll be surprised what you will need to make the effort to fulfill everything. Really careful with the "big eyes" caused perhaps by now doing well .. In the privacy you could be satisfied with the situation as it is. You have reached the maximum possible. But to give you a stunted relationships, nezevšedněly, on for them you have to work. I field should be every year till that native ..;-)

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12.)

Dear Shooters, and now you want to help higher power, but you are the ones that need a way to release and not to confuse them with the feet. The concerns of these days let them. Or "a horse". As so - enjoy days and do not think too far ahead .. In the material realm, remove the scarf from her eyes and act. Something you do not see it, but it is so long it will remind you when you have to see it. So the sooner the popasujete, the faster the financial prosperity come again .. Privately align with events up and take things as they are given and you just can not get away with anything. Even if you build on your head, question / he will care less because he has his head and wrap Leccia too. And it seems that a bit of lightness to laxity may be able to / and pay you to save a cliffhanger that ..;-)

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)

Dear Ibexes, you tend to evaluate without thinking. To be careful, because you could come out of the situation as a total "ťupíci" - politely speaking. Impetuosity will once again your enemy .. or work in finance would be good to think about some fundamental changes. And not only reflect, but also to implement them. Your access to material goods is a bit overdone and priorities, the real ones, you slipping through your fingers. Think a little heart at home .. it looks like a storm, because there will be something after you, or someone you fail to comply. Anyway, there is a conflict, the enemy will have better arguments. If you do not want to "historically impossible" lock somewhere with his penchant and přečkejte this unfavorable period in seclusion. It will be a short but intense ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)
Dear Aquarius, you should fare very well especially in the mental plane: ideas of how you will pour from the machine. What an idea, this gem that should not be forgotten. Even if the realization had come to be until next year .. In the material sphere, you fate of going to prepare some lucky coincidence. A gift that comes unexpectedly, no way for him not to have to earn it. Keep your eyes wide open, let him miss and you can use it .. In private, it would be much better if you were able to compromise. Do not sit on his views as a hen on eggs. They're a little out of touch. Wish them even a little bit fresher air from outside. Not yet still so petrified. His spirit you could a little "rejuvenate" ..

Fish (20.2-20.3)

Dear Fish, by you whining about his supposed solitude, not solve anything. What do you enjoy what you do like? This is immediately seize and stop thinking about nonsense. Immediately, or right now! .. Massive and you already have fully within their control. Lessons should be considered alongside all the necessary and unnecessary investments. A properly identify. The work you perform much more confident around you begins to take more seriously. You can be happy .. The privacy pointing small reward for patience with which you work mainly on themselves. You are to be commended in the longer term. Persevere in new direction. We've been much more well - keep it up ..:-)

Famous words to ponder:

"Even a mistake may be useful, as long as we are young, but do not carry it with you into old age .."
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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