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Sex after a heart attack: all the things you wanted to ask

Myocardial significantly changes the view of many yet obvious things in our lives. One of them is sex. In the following article you will find answers to frequently asked questions that accompany sex after a heart attack.

When should you begin?

After myocardial have some men, but also women fear that the excitement that accompanies sex, could cause another attack. But this is only the ingrained myth. Now sex is caused by less than 1% of all heart attacks. The simplest is therefore take sex as any other physical stress. If your doctor recommends a slightly sports, will be for you and safe sex activity.

How to "do" I ask?

Patients also often feel embarrassed and questions regarding common intimate moments with your partner rather not ask. Physicians must therefore their patients to be able to read well and to predict when is a good time to talk about such things. Mostly they are beginning with this issue themselves and explain everything to patients. If your doctor does not mention about anything, do not be afraid to ask him yourself. There are no awkward questions when it comes to your health.

There are some warning signs that indicate that it would be better to immediately stop sex?

Symptoms are similar to any other type of physical activity. When you feel chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, malaise or pounding heart , rather taking a break and relax. If the pain known as angina, nitroglycerin can help. This is not true for men who take drugs to stimulate erection. They can not take nitroglycerin, because the combination of both substances causes a profound drop in blood pressure, which may end another heart attack or heart failure and even death.

A new beginning

Sex is an important part of our lives and even events such as heart attack, it would not be completely discarded. Do not be afraid to start over. Sex is not only improves your physical condition, but also returns you confidence in your own body and health.


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