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Of Dead publishes album Made in China. Filmed in Beijing

Of Dead this year in May went to China to here 23 years after the release of their most successful board Made in Valmez made twelfth studio album, Made in China. "The whole thing was absolutely hectic, adventure, unpredictable and new," says the Chinese adventure singer Petr Fiala. The album contains 12 new songs.

"All our actions China has been a tremendous experience! It was hectic enough, each day filled with events to rupture. We forgot the keys at home, I zvrtnul ankle, occasionally someone had diarrhea and during our performance at the Beijing we had a sandstorm. Amazing was the twenty-tour to the forest in Sichuan bike or walk after Tiananmen Square, "says singer Mňága Petr Fiala.


The album was filmed for three days, singing to her and Chinese

A bold plan of Dead to make an album in China came mainly thanks to loyal fans who band on a server dedicated crowd funding platform starter contributed over half a million. The board was created in Beijing studying A-string Entertainment.

"The first two days just stepped in and I rode with our great assistant Martin Hosek from the Czech embassy after Beijing here and there and we were looking for the missing piece of equipment. The actual album we recorded in less than three days, "says studio work Petr Fiala. The Maiden songs acres and warm summer nights also hosts three young Chinese women. "I did no professionals, but the girls what you just love to sing," says Fiala.

The sound of the album took care longtime band concert sound engineer Francis Shepherd and the container is responsible for the academic sculptor and graphic artist Thomas Sick, who has designed over 10 cover songs of bands including the Made in Valmez.

Of Dead - Made in China

1st Birth acres
2nd Stay!
Perfect third goal
Looking for my fourth traces in the snow rozšlapaným
The beginning and end of the fifth
6th impermeable wall
7th Street widows
8th I met on the train his true girl
9. Time is running smoothly
10th Hopeless case
11th Being just
12. In warm summer nights

Will baptize in Prague, Brno and Bratislava

Made in China of Dead publishes under its own brand Meerkat Recordsv distribution Indies Scope. Based on CD, MC, vinyl, mp3, flac and flash disk that contains a film about the board and the entire Chinese adventure.

The new band will present songs on tour. To the Czech and Slovak clubs set off in the fall 2014 and spring 2015 will baptize three times, 20. 11. Fleda in Brno, 29. 11. at Majestic Music Club Bratislava and 15. 12. in Prague's Lucerna Music Bar.

Stops Made in China Tour:

07. 11. Zubří
14. 11. Tabor
15. 11. Klatovy
20. 11. Brno
21. 11. Rychnov in Jablonec
22. 11. Decin
28. 11. Nitra
29. 11. Bratislava
06th 12th Cologne
12. 12. Zlin
13. 12. Prostejov
15. 12. Prague
19. 12. High Toll

Mňága wants to return to China. Offers already has

In addition to turning the album managed of Dead in China play on three festivals. Her concerts in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen had a great response. "After each presentation followed by endless vykecávání with Chinese fans. Do mobile phones have now downloaded our songs. The biggest success was hollow but free, they asked her after the first concert, "says Petr Fiala.

The band would like to return to China next year in May, at least two weeks. "We would like to take part in some festivals and try and clubs. We have a few offers from Chinese promoters, who saw us in Shanghai and Beijing, "d odává frontman.

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