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Giant Scrabble on Lužinách

Giant Scrabble on Lužinách Unusual interior recently renovated branch of the Municipal Library in Prague Lužinách deliver incoming at first sight.

Library that readers after two years of renovations opened in early October, is located on the 3rd floor of the shopping center Lužiny, just a few steps from the subway station, in addition to lending books and audio books, daily newspapers, magazines, maps and internet connection attracts visitors to the iconic Scrabble game that is available to them in the form of a giant game board.

The intent of the Municipal Library was to create an attractive space where the library becomes a place where in addition to lending books, the visitor can experience many things else. Now popular Scrabble in "larger than life" interior library interestingly revived and first time visitors immediately lured to an immediate trial. "Scrabble in" floor version of "the social, gives the place character and binds him books similar idea - in both cases it is a word in many forms and contexts. "says the tangents of the interior of the library designer, architect Thomas Hořava.

As first enlarged version of Scrabble in the City Library was played on Lužinách children from a nearby elementary school. Ran excitedly along the board and work out how best to place large game pieces and build up a word with the greatest point value.

Scrabble is one of the world's most popular board games and this year it celebrates 66 years since its inception. His giant form in the library at Lužinách promises a fun addition to practicing vocabulary also a good dose of fun and movement.

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