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The Štvanici opens new cultural space VILA Štvanice

The Štvanici opens new cultural space VILA Štvanice Two theater companies in distress and Tiger Geisslers Hofcomoedianten teamed up together and open up a new cultural space VILA Štvanice. Place for theater performances, concerts, art workshops, but also for meetings in pleasant local bar directly to the Prague island Štvanice.

Tiger in distress stated in VILE Štvanice its successful site-specific project GOLEM, and even twice. Instead, the artistic leadership File pleased and thanks friendliness on the part of the City of Prague are able to build a cultural space with the theater scene.

"The villa is a lone object, its operation therefore does not disturb anyone. The ground floor used to be a dance hall, so it is now relatively easy to build a domed space theater and concert hall. In addition, our villa in the preparation and marketing of production GOLEM've grown fond of and has become an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the capital, "describes the charm of the place dramaturge Tiger in distress Marie Novakova.

The new cultural space occupancy invited Tiger in distress theater group Geisslers Hofcomoedianten, who enthusiastically accepted the offer. "GH has been for some time looking around for their own theater in Prague, which would have brought the audience and operational freedom and Vila offers not only that, but also added the value of amazing genius loci, which are so much accustomed to GH Kuksu from where originated 13 years ago and still operates during the summer, "says artistic director Petr Hašek.

Vila Štvanice, whose subtitle is "island scene in the city center" becomes a completely new, specific and unique theater, club space. Allows indoor and outdoor production dramaturgy two major independent sets and musician Jena Hovorka. "Locals can look forward to a permanent theatrical production Geisslers Hofcomoedianten tiger in distress and friendly files on a regular dose of music production, interesting one-off events and regular theater and art workshops , last but not least, should not forget the stylish bar open only in the time of the events, "attracts Marie Novakova.

"The opening of Villa Štvanice will be spectacular, we have prepared a three-day program. On Friday, the 31st tenth organize a big opening party with musical performances. The evening will VILA open to anyone who wants an insight into the interior to meet with its representatives. On Saturday, the 1st 11th state file Geisslers Hofcomoedianten premiere of Two comedy comedy Andreiniho GB and 2 on Sunday 11th Tiger in Need premiere installation of Vladimir Boudník called Explosis, "invites all to celebrate Villas in Christina roll up the promotion Villas Štvanice .

Since November in VILE Štvanice begins normal operation and will not be held irregularly theatrical performances, concerts, organize workshops, festivals and other events.

VILA Štvanice - island scene

Date of opening:
31st 10th 20:00 dating party with Vila
1st 11th 20:00 Two premiere comedy comedy (Geisslers Hofcomoedianten)
2nd 11th 20:00 Prime Minister Explosis (Tiger in Need)

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