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Somehow Taksi - Selfie

Somehow Taksi - Selfie So it is kind of pop-punk band, which is recently very active especially in the area of ​​video clips. The last act of the movie Seconds from the last album signals. It came into the world at the end of 2011, and it is no wonder that the band after a couple of music videos from this album was about to come up with new material.

Currently yní based on a brand new single along with a video clip with a very current name Selfie.
The movie is the story of a boy who is obsessed with creating your own selfie pictures until the time when you have to choose between the instrument by which these selfie takes a real experience in the form of dream bikes for adults. A chooses to real experiences in real life.

Bassist Tony adds: "We wanted to create a song with the current theme. Many popunkových bands in the desire to succeed in the mass media comes down to nothing meaningless songs with neutral text that anyone not mad, but not bring anything new. Theme selfie but is ubiquitous and concerns us all. Deliberately say that it concerns all of us, because we are not against the creation selfie, as it might seem to someone, but it is always critical rate. This topic is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
Selfie gives many people a false sense that mean something in the world, because their picture appears on the social network. At the same time their selfie often přikrášlují. Finally, it is kind of playing with fire, because ever since it was determined that people need to put bread and games to the peace. And now there is a danger that people in a flood of unnecessary photos of their meals, uninteresting activities and the like, will cease to be interested in the essential. There are two ways to prevent people from making were interested in the important issues and values ​​in life. Either the essentials conceal censorship or you flood a large amount of useless information, which is what is relevant and important to lose and therefore will not get there. "

The creation of a clip participated experienced creators Ondřej Kurčík and Pavel Brychta.
The shooting itself took place in two days, especially when it was the first bit of life since filming the plane flying low over the heads of the musicians rendered some risks.

The video Selfie can be an invitation for joint autumn tour bands JAKSI TAKSI and HARLEJ .

Video Clip

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