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In November in Dubai for camels or in France at the young wine

In November in Dubai for camels or in France at the young wine Although summer is over, but those of you who missed the real summer vacation or now lack of sun and foreign regions, need not worry. Even in autumn you can visit destination that gives you a full vacation. You can choose between still sunny beaches and a mild European climate. If you plan to travel in November, we have tips on the most attractive locations and incredible experiences.

Exotic Dubai

Dubai is one of seven regions of the United Arab Emirates. It is a popular tourist destination for all lovers of luxury and modern life. Centre Dubai is one of the largest business centers around the world and is known for its cosmopolitan character, as evidenced in particular that only 17% of the population has emirátské citizenship. As a result, you do not have to worry about any language barriers. Although Arabic is the local language, the vast majority of the population speaks English.

The city center attracts mainly the endless rows of skyscrapers and most prestigious shopping centers in Bur Dubai and Jumeirah. But make no mistake, you do not have to walk far to fully enjoy the comfort of sandy beaches and clear sea, the temperatures in the fall do not drop below 25 ° C. "Since of this year is traveling to Dubai easier, because Czech tourists no longer need a visa. So travelers do not have to wait for a visa and can go to the United Arab Emirates on a long vacation, but even on a weekend trip, "said Michal Tuma, marketing director of a travel agency, Invite, which is the largest online retailer of tours in the Czech Republic." In addition, let , classic tourist attractions, offers Dubai in the fall due to favorable temperatures attraction for adventurers, and camel races. It is a prestigious and unique event where wealthy sheiks bet the cars, houses, or sometimes the whole company. "

The field Dubai Camel Race Track is within easy driving distance from the city center and vision are top racing camels, whose price is calculated up to 1 million US dollars. If you envision leisurely ride, where the humps of camels swaying gracefully jockey, know that camels are rushing speeds up to 65 km / h are dominated by electric remote control. With that, certainly in Central European conditions occur at all.

Ovíněná France

Autumn is for the French most beautiful and important stage in the year. At this time, like the Czech winemakers, the French exhibit the greatest pearls of their harvest. So if Towards the year your favorite season, you can not use it more than anywhere in the world just in the French provinces. Through the summer season are cities like Cannes, Antibes, Saint-Tropez and Nice busiest tourist center in the fall, however, the main travel fever is passing away and the province is opening adventure tourism. You can take the flavor to the historical and architectural treasures or a bike ride trails among acres of vineyards that run through many seemingly obscure villages with unique wine cellars.

"Vintner's feast is the third Thursday of November, when the traditional midnight opening first bottle of the famous French wine Beajolais. On this occasion they have wine cellars special programs and basically any town in France celebrated wine festivals, "says Michal Tuma. If you are between tasting the samples miss the time of the Middle Ages, French kings, Burgundy offers you to visit a number of castles and chateaux, such as Chateau Clos de Vougeot, which is conveniently located in the middle of the royal vineyards. Many of them were founded in the time of Charlemagne.

You can also move in Chardonnay, that is, except for the white wines, the famous abbey of St. Philibert and its Romanesque churches. On your way you can visit the town of Beaune, which is typical Burgundian original architecture and local wine festival, which is associated with the carnival procession and wine brotherhood. Of course there are French culinary specialties - burgundy snails and frog legs.

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