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5 reasons why the law on child care group disposed of preschool children

The law on child group, which will be approved by the Chamber of Deputies, brings the announced support of parents and their children, while seriously endangers the functioning of clubs and facilities that care for them.

The impact of this law will be liquidating all subjects - from those that focus on the removal of handicaps poorest children through children's clubs and scout for the smallest clubs to the nursery. Czech Council of Children and Youth, People in Need, the Union center for family and community and Scout - Boy and Girl Scouts of the Czech Republic therefore urged Members to this law did not approve!

The law on child care distributes pre-school children into two parts - up to 12 children and over 12 children. Major impact of the Act can be summarized as follows:

1) Organizations that regularly care for 12 or more children, will have to meet the new standards identical as regular kindergarten. For these operators act on child group does not bring any help.

2) To the extent caring for children up to 11 orders of strict construction and engineering changes that realistically can not be met. A complicating factor is the fact that almost all kids clubs are not the owner, but the lessor space.

3) Contrary to the original intention of the law is not significant financial relief to operators or parents. Explanatory Report states that the minimum cost of one child in the group are over 6,000 CZK. "In business school to People in Need is CZK 6,700 in the number of 12 children. If we were firm and act on the part of the operator reduces costs by about CZK 1,000 per month and child. For parents using the tax credit of up to CZK 700 per month and child. Instead of CZK 6,700 and CZK 5,000 is the cost. For non-profit organizations, but it will be 6000 CZK, which is not a change that would lead to the decision to operate such a facility, "says Daniel Hůle of the People in Need. For operators of clubs for the poorest children who apply for attendance and services are provided to them in the context of social services, law brings 0 CZK advantage.

4) And those 1,000 CZK employer support is very questionable. Covers only those entities that actually generate profit and has, therefore it makes sense to think about the advantage of the deductibility of the cost of running the nursery in the tax base. U-profit organizations (newly public benefit taxpayers) which applies different tax benefit (especially Section 18a and Section 20/7 of the Act 586/1992 Coll., on Income Tax) for no real discount does!

5) Thus, the de facto law allows the operation of clubs for a maximum of 11 children, there is a significant increase in the cost per child. Wherever shared costs such. 15 children, is now shared by 11 children, an increase in costs one child by 36%!

It follows that the law takes poor children the opportunity to learn, as operators clubs will be forced to close. At the same time brings little benefit to employees with highly above-average incomes who can afford to pay CZK 5,000 per month per child in the group.

Source: tz PIN

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