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For a bag of sweets and a half million crowns: Quaint stealing cars in the Czech Republic

Thefts of vehicles in the Czech Republic are not uncommon. Over the last 5 years have been with us every year is stolen on average 11,828 cars. Although the number of stolen vehicles from year to year decline, yet humbled ten thousand annually border.

Although the disappearance of the car is never a joyous events can be found in police reports as well as amusing or quaint cases that were associated with vehicle theft. In this article, we bring you several such cases that took place during September and October of this year in our country, as well as expert advice on car security to prevent similar situations.

Stealing just jump

In South Bohemia at the end of September was stolen from the courtyard of a house in a parked vehicle. The thief, however, missed the far. Auto shut one kilometer away from the scene. Although the owner of the car has been found, thieves may be charged up to two years in prison. "Although the case of the South Bohemian Region can pause, not necessarily the incomprehensible conduct thieves. At the time GPS vehicle security offenders often after the theft auto shut off at a certain time in alleys, waiting for police to investigate whether it, "explains Roman Zrubák, an expert on automobile security of IRIS IDENT.

"Unfortunately, it does not mean that auto GPS systems to help protect at all times. Better equipment thieves display a variety of jammers, which will allow them to steal the vehicle despite this security. Work better immobilizers that prevent starting the car without the original key. But it is not good to rely on those that are part of the vehicle's production, because the problem is not copied. On the contrary, the Slovak has been 14 years without a successful theft immobilizer certifies such as unique VAM R1, whose involvement is always unique, thus preventing copying, "adds Zrubák.

Traces masked ground pepper

O indeed a curious case reported to police early this October in London. Tamějšímu residents were in employment stolen keys from his private passenger car, which the owner had stored in a metal locker. Until then, for the purpose keys and car hire broke 19 year old boy. The vehicle went to Prague, where he needed to visit the dentist. After this visit, although the car again brought back to Pilsen, but shut it out of its parking lot and interior sprinkle milled black pepper, to cover his tracks. In addition, the vehicle crashed on the way, which caused damage to the owner of approximately 25 000 CZK. Police found the car and hit the offender. This faces up to two years imprisonment for theft, damage and unauthorized use of another's property.

Because i 19 500 000 CZK

In addition to the theft of the entire vehicle solves the police frequently and thefts from inside the car. According to police statistics, it is a more common crime than stealing a car. In the last five years accounted for an average of almost 36,000 thefts from cars. Their value may yet be sometimes unbelievable. For example, at the end of September South-Moravian police solved the case in which a driver in the box under the seat of your car saved € 15,000, a sum equivalent to half a million Czech crowns. Within less than an hour he spent in the shopping center, but the money disappeared. The thief got into the car through the passenger door lock damage and it only interested in money.

"At the other extreme is the case again from the end of September 2014 in the South Bohemian Region thief broke into a parked passenger car so that it alienated package of candy worth 19 CZK. It is likely that during his negotiations might lead to vehicle damage exceeding the cost of the stolen items. Therefore, motorists should not leave the car at all no great things. The second option is to install a quality security that protects against the car and open the trunk against intrusion into the interior of the vehicle, "recommends Roman Zrubák.

I do not want the whole car, just round

Targeted by thieves often become the wheels and tires of vehicles. South-Moravian such as police recently solved the theft of two wheels with tires from a small wheeled excavator, parked on the construction site. Škoda has exceeded 20 000 CZK. In contrast to the case of the Zlín region but it is still only a fraction of the amount. Do one of the local dealerships in the night thieves broke. First unmount round of deliveries, which substantiate BMW X5. For him after očesali Pirelli tires worth approximately 60 000 CZK. Damage to the wheels on the car and the fence, which had to overcome was more damage, about 11 000 CZK.

"Police statistics document an increase in thefts of car parts. If in 2009 such cases were detected 7099, a year later there were 8 794 for 2011 and 2012 exceeded 9,000 reported cases last year and meant 10,761 cars stolen parts. I, however, these thefts can be effectively prevented. On the Czech market since there are security systems, such as VAM OTAH. The car can protect against bike theft and unauthorized towing or loading, "says
Roman Zrubák of IRIS IDENT.

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