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Before the joint pain you can protect and condom

Pain and swelling in the joint may not always denote his infection. One reason for developing such symptoms can also be a so-called reactive arthritis. What hides behind this sign?

Difficulties in two waves

Reactive arthritis is a non-infectious inflammation of the joints, usually more, followed by one to three weeks after the bladder, intestinal and genital infections. Typically, they are affected knees, ankles or feet joints. The joints are painful, red and warm to the touch. Besides the involvement of the joints themselves accompanies reactive arthritis sometimes non-infectious inflammation of the conjunctiva and the urethra. If the presence of all three of these symptoms, talk about the so-called doctor Reiter syndrome. In most cases, the symptoms of reactive arthritis and disease eventually disappears leaving no consequences.

Agents is more

Generators of primary infection, followed by reactive arthritis, may be several. Among the most common are:
Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Transmission while eating or sex

Although very reactive arthritis is infectious and thus transmitted disease causing bacteria alone genital infection, urinary or gastrointestinal tract are portable. Can infect the next ingestion of contaminated food also through unprotected sexual intercourse, especially in the case of infection with chlamydia or gonococci (gonorrhea originators). Not everyone who meets with the type of bacteria, but inevitably ill. Plays an important role, among other things, an individual's genetic makeup.

Protect yourself!

Although genetic makeup can not change, minimize the risk of reactive arthritis is possible.

Experts recommend:
compliance with sanitary measures associated with the preparation and consumption of food, especially thorough heat treatment of high-risk foods
management with the rules of safe sex.

Source: Rheumatic

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