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Usínačky Petra Černocká and Bara Vaculikova

Usínačky Petra Černocká and Bara Vaculikova Peter Černocká the daughter of Bara Vaculíková issued a joint CD for children. There are modifications to it dozens of folk lullabies, two original songs Petra Černocká and one exotic West African country of Gambia. CD issued and sponsored a manufacturer of interactive toys Vtech and christened it trinity Fates Saskia firm 'Marie Tomsová and Heidi Janků.

The recording Usínaček emerged during this summer and musically approximates two generations of female singers. Adjustments to the original arranger participated Bara Vaculíková, producer Alex Hyvnar and Brno guitarist Luciano Mayaca. Arrangements with the authors consulted Zdenek Merta. On the packaging of the singer shot by renowned photographer Thomas Třeštík, charming graphics prepared Iveta Kratochvílova.

"I am delighted that we with mom could intersect musically and I appreciate that gave me a free hand in how the songs hold. We tested continuously to our daughter and granddaughter Coco, who is our great joy she still sings. Our goal was to induce the children and their parents SLEEP pleasant atmosphere, bring folk art today and look at it from a slightly different angle, "explains project which filming CD foreshadowed, Bara Vaculíková.

Studio project Usínačky sensitively snaps known tunes and breathes new life into them. Many of them, whether folk or originally from Bedrich Smetana, or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on the CD you will hear unconventionally processed. The result is an arranger and performing a remarkable recording inducing mild maternal mood full of tenderness. The interplay of voices singers who binds the family bond act harmoniously pathetically. "I believe that the CD is overall very successful. It was a beautiful collaboration, now perhaps only to be given to what most children, which was created for, "adds Peter Černocká.

Peter Černocká in the seventies was one of the five most popular singers by Golden Nightingale poll. She was known mainly as an actress in the role of the famous witch Saxana film Vaclav Vorlíček girl on a broomstick. In recent decades devoted to singing and performing with country music repertoire alongside her husband George laborious. In the field of acting is just finishing filming the family comedy Little Angel on my nerves Juraj Šajmovič. Portraying one of the main roles alongside Mayor Paul Reznicek.

Her daughter Bara Vaculíková founded ten years and has performed with female a cappella Yellow Sisters. You may have to record it in the first place talent show The Voice of Czechoslovakia, which was followed Mateřská.com project, summarizing a witty experiences of mothers on maternity "leave". The pair rapping with his colleague from the Yellow Sisters Lena Yellow attracted the attention viral video Lactation psychosis, which saw the Internet without a few million people. In parallel with Upínačkami board prepares its copyright songs in tandem with guitarist Luciano Mayacim.


1. Black eyes go to sleep
2. Good night, dear
Sleep now my third angel
4th Hall Beli
5th dove flew bělounká
Fed the sixth maiden peacocks
7th Sleep baby, sleep
8th Prince my little spi
9th Sleep my sweet rosebud
10th Annie Hushabye Hushabye
11th Hushabye Hushabye
12th Does the sun

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