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Fall attacking our skin! Paralysis of the natural skin barrier

Fall is truly here! His coming and with it colder weather and damp feel on your skin, literally. Autumn is not just about dressing up in multiple layers of clothing, but also represents a real burden for our skin.

It is in this time period to deteriorate manifestation number of skin diseases, increased skin sensitivity and deterioration of the general condition and dehydration, where up to 50% of the population suffers from some form of skin dryness. The reason for this problem is usually impaired skin barrier function - the ability to hold water to the skin and protect the skin against environmental influences. And skin barrier disorder leads to the development of a number of skin diseases.

For all those who are fighting so sensitive, dry or otherwise impaired and diseased skin is cool autumn weather, real suffering. At this time, a markedly worsen skin diseases such as being atopic eczema or psoriasis. Also suffer those with sensitive and dry skin and even part of the population that is normally dry skin is not a problem, it records at this time uncomfortable tension, increased number of abrasions and hangnail or cracks. Number of persons in the cold months of struggling with some form of dry skin is to an alarming 50%.

Why do we suffer just the fall and winter?

Summer is for a variety of dermatological problems sort of quiescent period. With the beginning of autumn and the transition from hot to cooler season again begin to hear problems and gaining in intensity.

One reason is mainly a radical change from hot to cold weather, the skin of the body and reacts very complicated. The temperature of the air quickly falls down, added dry and later the frosty air and also do their layers of clothing underneath which is more sweat, which also directly affects the skin. Our body is neither good for cold mornings and warmer afternoons. After the skin a little "get used" comes another shock in the form of cooling and freezing cold air, which dries it again.

Now the influence of the external environment, the failure of the skin barrier or degradation already impaired barrier, for example in subjects suffering from atopic eczema. And that impaired barrier function of the skin is the culprit of skin problems. On the way to the vitality and health of the skin is just as restoration of the skin barrier.

How to restore the skin barrier?

Compromised skin barrier and the increasing number of people suffering from various skin problems clearly falls into the category of lifestyle diseases. It is therefore necessary to take care of the skin and skin barrier as quickly as possible to restore. Thanks to the restoration of the skin is said to be "closed", which prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the skin, but on the contrary, water leakage and support the natural hydration of the skin. It also will reduce skin irritation and will recover its elasticity.

For people suffering from sensitive skin, but also other skin problems is to restore the skin barrier is absolutely necessary. Only in this way can solve their problems, thanks to the skin barrier may improve disease and heal because the skin barrier is a "shield" that prevents the penetration of other harmful substances into the skin and into the body as a whole.

The easiest and quickest way to recovery of the skin barrier is the use of so-called barrier creams. These are available, for example, in pharmacies and through a simple application and easy absorption of skin perfectly able to protect, treat and restore its barrier disruption (eg. 2DERM.). After application to the skin and creates a special replacement barrier system which is very close to its composition components in human skin. These systems all the time necessary to replace the barrier function of the skin. Impaired skin so can heal, regenerate and gradually restore its natural barrier.

Compromised skin barrier - yes or no?

The fact that our skin has an impaired barrier function, we know quite easily. The skin is drier than in other seasons, more climbs, often cracked or peeling. And that's only a small step to make because of smaller Tear or rankám penetrated into the skin pollutants and harmful microorganisms that cause many skin problems. From unpleasant itching redness over to even the microbial eczema.

Risk population

Small children - eczema symptoms, dry skin, diaper dermatitis (diaper rash in moist places Zápařka)
Older people - eczema symptoms, lower hydration of the skin, dry skin
Persons suffering from eczema, psoriasis, hypersensitive and sensitive skin, swelling, itching and redness of the skin
Persons after skin procedures and those with extremely dry and chapped skin
In general, women over 35 and men over 45 years of age have a higher tendency to develop dry skin

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