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First graders are preparing for writing! Help them with good habits

Schoolchildren have had two months of schooling. In the coming days and first graders, for which he was going to school a big event waiting and gradual training of writing - the first strokes, dashes, curves and letters. Probably all parents and teachers perceive this as a major step from start school, so it is necessary at this stage not to underestimate the child and lead to good habits.

Meet the eight major points that is suitable for writing and practicing respect, both at school and at home.

Proper writing step by step

Evoking a first positive atmosphere
To obtain a positive approach to child writing is primarily important to induce a positive atmosphere. The child would have to approach writing as a pleasant activity, and therefore it is very important positive motivation of the child. It was a positive and friendly atmosphere will make a child writing and thus easier. Which is essential for a successful start.

2. Selection of appropriate writing and drawing supplies

"When we start with the child to write, so a good start and joy of this activity will also contribute to the choice of appropriate writing and drawing supplies," says an expert on the right and healthy Dr. writing. John Johnová.

Parents can choose from a wide range of products and equipment. The hand-needed relaxation and helps reduce pressure flat brush painting, drawing wax crayons or markers. At the beginning of school children use pencils, but are also suitable crayons or markers, and not just because they have a softer tip than crayon, but also for their color range, that child also motivates and supports the development of imagination.

After a preparatory period start writing pupils in a school pen. Information to choose the type of pen, parents get from teachers. Most current products are already equipped with an ergonomic grip zone in the shape of a triangle (eg. Cool Tornado), which guides the child on the right holding pens, but without practice it does not.

3. Proper seating

To healthy writing greatly contribute and correct seating. It is important for the appropriate size of furniture which provides a comfortable sitting child throughout chair and associated stability. Ideal for younger pupils are benches that can be positioned, but it is possible to orient the average height of a first grader, which is approximately 120 cm. For proper seating of the child, it is important that each foot during the whole seating surface supported on the floor.

4. Reduce the hand

"Before you start writing, it is appropriate to the child practiced hand and release the muscles that are involved in writing. This "warm-up" is especially important for children who are just beginning to write and not to hand movements used during writing, "explains
John Johnová. The first release of the hand should be done before the actual start writing, it is also advisable to release the child's hand as you type. In practice, work well with different rhymes that can accompany the release of the child's hand.

Sample rhymes
"Dancing, dancing doll" (child circling the wrists of both hands against each other)
"Spins her tutu" (child circling your wrist with both hands apart).

Holding the fifth stationery

Correct grip stationery is an essential prerequisite for accurate typing. Stationery child should hold the thumb and middle finger. The thumb rests on the ball of the pen (or other writing instrument), which supports the middle. The index finger is on the stationery placed slightly above. "For the laying can motivate a child sprinkles kuřátkům, which means that the chicken and sprinkle granules from both (children lift a finger and imitate pecking chickens). It is important that the fingers are bent but not bent. The bent index finger is too much pressure on stationery and undesirable. Such pressure can result in soreness finger, "explains John Johnová.
In case of problems with the right to possession of writing materials and a training help adapters that are produced in cooperation with pediatricians (eg. Mini Colours).

6th Rotation workbook - paper

In teaching writing, we should also pay attention to the slope of the writing area, because it affects and the resulting gradient fonts. For right-handers is considered proper rotation of the paper to the left so that the right to the left corner facing up. For left-handers should it be the other way around, but this is not required. If the student - left-hander - suits have rows horizontally, they should respect the teachers and not try to force a child turning paper.

7. Choice of proper lighting

Teachers and parents should not underestimate definitely not suitable lighting writing area. The ideal lighting is when the child is not blocked by the writing area, this means in practice that the light hits the surface at right-handed and left-handed right. The light should not be too intense for the child to dazzle or cause harm his eyesight. It should also be elected by such a light source that appropriately administered colors.

8. Adequate time for which the child writes
Time of writing should in the beginning of schooling exceed 10 minutes (in the prescribed format A5 písankách are 4 rows). As the school and the child's age, the time of writing proportionately increased. This period is also important respect in homework and practice writing at home.

Did you know?

Writing habits of the child creates it first attempts to write. From many years of experience of teachers in primary schools is clear that once a child bad habits fixed, to them later very hard to escape. It is not uncommon that the undesirable habits does not come off at all. Frequently observed habit is bad holding pens.

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