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Hospital in Ústí nad Orlicí a new babybox!

Hospital in Ústí nad Orlicí a new babybox! Thursday 6th November he was brought in Orlicí hospital babybox new generation. Alternates "on duty" his older predecessor.

Last week was replaced original historical crate on unwanted human babies that were already established March 7, 2008 as the seventh historically Czech babybox in order. The initiator was then the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Head Dionyz turbidity, the main donor Jistota Foundation; the lion's share and the current innovation. From 8 March 2008, the original babybox mothers in need continuously available. It was therefore time to "changing of the guard" ..

Babybox new generation is a certified medical device made ​​by Zdenek MONTEL Juřica Namest the celebration that crate as always personally also installed. Could not miss "babydědek" Louis Hes with which the old Orlicí babybox recalls: "Babybox opened the door to a new world Lucince girl, who was born literally next baby box was postponed and even with the placenta. Lucy holds absolute primacy in the rate of acquisition of new parents - received the resolution on interim arrangements for the third day of their lives. The fourth day of her new parents drove home from the hospital. It's a great little girl and I like to meet with her. "

New babybox All stainless steel, has a swinging self-opening door, which is inserted, the baby closes again automatically. The interior is not only heating but also air-conditioned, so it can not overheat, when lit him on a summer day sun.
Secured much alarm provides information about inserting babies medical staff standing in a room services, but also to eight mobile phones.
Inauguration is scheduled for November 20.

Baby boxes are an option for unhappy mothers to provide another chance for a happy life of her baby, on which they can not take care of themselves. Completely anonymously and with impunity, they can defer - to safety.

Ten years have helped baby boxes to enter into a new life 108 children.
Statistics of children of baby box

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