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St. Martin's wine vintage 2014 selected

On Friday, October 31 saw the second round wine reviews, which seek to obtaining the use of the mark 11. 11. St. Martin. Total for first and second round evaluation has to the fulfillment of the qualitative requirements the right to use the mark 342 wines, 107 wineries. Winemakers estimate that the market will give a minimum of 1.9 million bottles of St. Martin's wines year 2014.

Varietal composition was within the last years traditional. Most wines will be St. Martin Müller Thurgau varieties with 89 wines. White wines will be complemented by red variety, Blue Portugal with 59 and St. Laurent wines with 29 wines. The offer will crown this year's St. Martin St. Laurent varieties of rose wines with 59 wines, with 28 wines Zweigelt and 13 Blue Portugal. For winemakers, the shops, restaurants and wine shops will also meet with St. Martin's 7 vintages or a mixture of several varieties.

Estimated number of bottles delivered to the market may still rise. The assumption is based on the quantity ordered yet uniform flaps on the neck of the bottle. However, winemakers have lots of which have been granted during the evaluation of the possibility to use the mark St. Martin, made ​​the wine more, and therefore have the possibility to order valves yet.

The award marks St. Martin this year ran 430 wine samples, ie 88 samples failed.
Last year tightened rules evaluation in order to maintain the number of recognized wines, but to increase their quality. Despite the higher quality requirements and complicated weather acquired the right to use the mark St. Martin in 2014 80% of the samples entered ..

"Despite the rainy weather in late summer, I am pleased to say that the quality of Saint Martin's wine is still very good. This testifies to the skill of our winemakers, who even in difficult years can handle and produce excellent wines. For consumers excited then I have good news, and that despite some catastrophic predictions St. Martin's wines this year will be enough, "said Mgr. Pavel Vecera of Wine Fund.

Ing. Mark Babisz, head sommelier of the National Wine Centre, joined the main characteristics Saint Martin's wine vintage 2014: "I am very surprised this year the quality and character of white and rosé wines of St. Martin. Overall, this year we can expect more fresh and lighter wines with lower alcohol content. Smell and taste, for many wines with significantly ovocitým aroma, reminiscent of the white wine tones of pineapple, peach, lime, kiwi and banana with notes of rose wines cherries, sour cherries and ripe strawberries complemented by creamy yoghurt tones and tones of red wines of overripe cherries, wild plums and red currants. "

Mark "St. Martin" was registered in 1995 and since 2005 its owner Viticultural Fund.
That this year for the tenth time organizes the promotion of these wines under a single logo.

Complete list of wines with the right to use the mark this year's St. Martin can be found HERE .

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