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Vieweghova Dodgeball is filmed

Director Petr Nikolaev returned to the comedy genre and again by one of the best-selling Michael Viewegh. During August and September 2014 filmed a new Czech comedy Dodgeball by Vieweghovy of the book. In the field of feature film Petr Nikolaev in 1997 debuted just a successful adaptation of a literary bestseller Michael Viewegh Wonder Years disheartening.

"Have a wonderful first years under the weather it was a welcome opportunity to look at the past from a distance and humor," the director recalls, adding: "There is currently meeting with agent Michael Viewegh different. The last movie I did was pretty serious, so I'm looking forward to filming the comedy and I hope the audience in the cinema laugh! "The author of the screenplay is Miroslav Oščatka, who had previously worked with the director on his previous krimidramatu Story godmother and dokudramatu Cyril and Methodius - The Apostles of the Slavs.

Dodgeball novel published one of the most read authors present home in 2004. The book and film are being shot slapstick about friendship, fateful loves, beauty and ugliness, alcohol and search for human happiness. At several time planes tells the story of classmates who live together through various life stages. We find ourselves at school reunions Gymnasium. Seemingly banal situation gives space not only for sentimental memories, but also to balance unfulfilled desires and dreams realized and lived life. In the center of the story are three friends - Jeff, Skippy and Tom that life events keep coming back to a common residence - a bachelor's den, which is becoming a haven for them depending on how they acquire or lose a life partner. Their counterpart are two heroines - class beauty Eva, who will become the objects of love all classmates and Ugly Hujerová that ability sebeironického perspective gives the ability to not only survive in a world of beautiful, but also find their own path to happiness.

The role of three friends appeared successful trio of cult TV series Partička - Michal Suchanek, Richard Genzer and Ondrej Sokol. "Crucially, who is played by male members of the three-member party," reveals backstage cast Petr Nikolaev. "The suggestion that it should be "bunch" Genzer-Suchanek-Sokol came producer Rudolf Biermann, and I liked the idea. It's as if Michael wrote for them. "

The role of the beauties Eva in two time planes will replace two famous Czech models - Simon Krainová and Linda Bartošová. For Simon Krainová role of Eve means a return after a long pause before the film camera and reunion Lukas Vaculik, with whom she made ​​popular film Friend Rain II. Lukas Vaculik you in discharging plays a professor who significantly Eve enters into life. Glosátorku life Hujerová creates Simon Babčáková which, like all the other main characters has his younger self. Young Hujerová plays Johan Vašková, the trio of friends in his student years created Michal ŠAŠINKA (Skippy), Denis Wurm (Jeff) and James Burýšek (Tom).

Films based on literary works of Michal Viewegh one of the most successful shows of the last two decades. Audience adaptation of the most popular books are Vieweghovy Holiday Makers (r. J. Vejdělek, 834708 div.), Followed by Novel for Men (dir. T. Barina, 584425 div.), A Novel for women (r. F. Renč, 584 382 div.) and Shameless (r. J. Hřebejk, 582369 div.). Underneath all is signed as a producer Rudolf Biermann. Director Petr Nikolaev admits that any bondage success of other films, including his years under the Wonderful dog in denial. A topic discharging him close for another reason. "My graduation film from FAMU is called" Evening maturity "and its first part takes place at a graduation party. The other two parts of the meeting consists of graduates after twenty-five and fifty years. This theme was meant to me about, "says Petr Nikolaev.

The film, which was co-produced by TV Prima, was filmed primarily in Říčany and locations on Sedlčansko. A meeting place for graduates after twenty-five years has become a location of summer camp in Častoboř instead, which carries the spirit of earlier undemanding summer resorts in the river. "I think we managed to find Sedlčansko beautiful locations that were perfect for our film and at the same time not need to edit too, "he says.

Dodgeball - teaser for the film

Premiere discharging in our cinemas is scheduled for March 12, 2015

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