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Festival of swing music: jazz star Grace Kelly and our stars

Festival of swing music: jazz star Grace Kelly and our stars It is hard to imagine that the current boom elektroswingu work, not to be hidden potential in this forever live music: Producer Parov Stelar, singer Alice Francis or successful Czech Mydy Rabycad and many more then just the interest, wit and purify contacts, connected the correct port electronic instruments or singing instrumentalistic youthful energy and sparkly bow enthusiasm and interest with packed houses and swirling boilers under festival stages there was in the world.

Swing Music Festival in Vinohrady leads 13 and 14 November at the stage of the National House Vinohrady best of throbbing treasure trove of Czech swing: November 13, it will Bohemia Big Band with guest vocalist Dash Lucie Černíková and Jan Šmigmátorem, November 14 Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers and Swing Quintet visiting Prague with Czech queen of swing Eve Pilarová. And that's how the current young generation of musicians is able to swing and Sex Appeal straddling between jazz and other styles then proves the first day the biggest star of the festival: Only twenty-two altsaxofoniska, singer and bandleaders Grace Kelly.

Attractive young American with Korean roots, which, just like a jazz latino plays smart and energetic pop, he has made hundreds of concerts and a number of trophies. Five years her renowned Downbeat adorned the title "Altsaxofonová rising star", won several awards for ASCAP Foundation Young Jazz Composer, named "Jazz Artist of the Year" at the Boston Music Awards and many others. She played with other young jazz king Jammie Cullum. One of the most respected personalities in contemporary jazz trumpeter, composer and educator Wynton Marsalis is clear: "Grace plays with intelligence, wit and feeling. It has a great natural talent and the ability to adapt, and these are the attributes of musical .. "And that does not speak to the wind, jazz guru confirmed by Grace invited to perform at the celebration of the inauguration of Barack Obama. Another, less formal, but no less valuable commendation awarded her bebopový legendary saxophonist Phil Woods, with whom she recorded acclaimed album Man With The Hat: during the subsequent joint tour gave her his hat ...

The places like the Hollywood Bowl, the Montreal Jazz Festival, Newport Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, Montreux Jazz Festival, which has Grace Kelly with her ​​quintet and especially musician and personal charm charmed, will be on today through the 17th Festival of swing music as well as Prague.
Indeed, it is possible to convince her new YouTube profile .

17th Festival of Swing Music

When: 13th-14th 11th 2014
Where: National House Vinohrady, Prague

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