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The rules also apply online store on Facebook

Shopping on the internet has one indisputable advantage - the right to change your mind and cancel the order from her within 14 days. This does not only apply to e-commerce. The same rules apply to merchants offering goods on Facebook, even about himself often said that "no e-shop." This is evidenced by a recent judgment of the District Court in Kladno.

Some Internet retailers mistakenly believe that they are not subject to the rules that the law requires e-shops. These include a businesswoman from Kladno. Female customers via their Facebook profile "Dolly skirt" offers goods and receives orders from them, which in turn handles. So far everything seems to be fine.

"However, once the consumer wants goods within the specified period return, encounters resistance businesswoman. One year ago, we pointed out the illegal business practices not only on Facebook, who instead refer to the right to cancel the contract within 14 days declare that it is not about e-commerce and consumers the right to cancel the contract deny, "said Luke Green, head of the legal department dtest .

Mrs. Christine however aware of their rights, decided that such treatment would not put a skirt and Dolly returned. Prodejkyně but did not take the shipment and the purchase price of their customers return. Had the last word in this case, the District Court in Kladno. He stated that the contract concluded on Facebook follow the same rules as traditional e-commerce. Businesswoman must inform customers of their right to withdraw from the contract and the exercise of this right must be respected.

The claim that this is not about e-shop, came prodejkyni dearly. Costs of legal proceedings, which had to pay three times the amount exceeded vysouzenou skirt and postage paid. Although consumer, its action was successful businesswoman learned nothing. Or court decisions induce her to comply with the statutory rules of online shops. Facebook profile "Dolly skirt" still states that the e-shop is not. "It is therefore to each consumer to consider, among whom purchases, and let you enjoy violations of their legal rights," said Luke Green.

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